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The purpose of T.S.G. Publishing Foundation, Inc. is to publish, distribute, teach, and preserve the creative works of Torkom Saraydarian. We are fully devoted to this purpose. We distribute his writings, lectures, and music worldwide. We also conduct conferences and classes using his teachings.

Torkom's special approach to the Ageless Wisdom Teachings has received international acclaim. Known as a great synthesizer, Torkom related many diverse and complex ideas in a clear, straightforward manner.

Our on-line shop sells books and holistic products for the discerning spiritual seeker. Books exploring and explaining the mysteries of the ages in clear simple and direct language by Torkom Saraydarian. These Teachings bridge Eastern and Western Spirituality both modern and ancient, synthesizing the world\'s religions and philosophies, creating a worldwide spiritual understanding for modern men and women in today\'s society.

Why are we different? We are interested in the highest quality Teachings and holistic products for self transformation.

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