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We are well on our way to raise the funds needed to establish a beautiful Center, dedicated to Torkom and TSG Foundation’s continued work.

In early 2016 we set the goal of raising $200,000 of a matching grant and, as of February 2017, we have raised $147,186. We are still a little short, but there is still time—our generous donor has offered to continue matching your donations up to $200,000. With your help, we can raise the balance! Our immediate goal is to raise the remaining $52,814 by June 30 so that we will have the down payment necessary to begin building a permanent TSG Center.

Property Search: During the last two weeks, we began looking at properties for the TSG Center. We are looking for land to develop, or an existing building that we can adjust for our needs. Several possibilities are being found in the range of $750,000 to $1,000,000. These properties hold some interesting possibilities to establish a Center with Torkom’s library and archives at its core, office and storage spaces, and meeting and meditation rooms.bldg

A permanently housed TSG will guarantee that our work continues into the far future. Our promise to you is to continue the work Torkom Saraydarian started so many years ago. He had the hope and faith that his work would be anchored, saved, and continued. This is the work TSG Foundation focuses on through our products and services. Your support ensures that TSG continues to exist.

We know that our life is expanding every day and fresh approaches are needed to solve humanity’s perplexing and recurring problems. Your financial contribution will help TSG have a permanent home, a focal point of receptivity, where spiritual principles may bloom to benefit all humanity. With your support and involvement, together we can bloom the culture of the heart, the culture of the soul, and the culture of the future. Working together, we can make Torkom’s dreams come true. To donate, call us today at 480-502-1909 or donate here:





If you have ever thought about donating to TSG, this is the time to DOUBLE YOUR DONATION and DOUBLE YOUR IMPACT!  We gratefully accept donations of any amount.


Note: For our international friends who do not use credit cards, please donate through TSG Germany's Paypal Account by clicking on the Donate button below. Please put "Matching Grant" in the note section and your donation will be added and doubled.

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We raised $141,002 in 2016 and we are still accepting donations! Help keep the momentum going—we are almost there!

Want to help us fundraise? Visit our Media Kit page for helpful links.



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