OM Pendant

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A beautifully hand-crafted silver pendant specially made for TSG in Lima, Peru. The image of the Sacred Word, OM, in Sanskrit is a powerful symbol of unity of the spirit and matter.

The OM Pendant comes in a Velveteen Bag with a descriptive card and black cord. The pendant is one inch in diameter.

The Sacred Word symbolizes the two worlds - the manifested one, the world of forms, and the formless world. It symbolizes also the bridge between these two worlds through which the formless passes to the world of phenomena, and the world of phenomena passes into the world of noumena, into the formless world, thus keeping the manifestation in cyclic continuity. (Torkom Saraydarian, Science of Meditation, Chapter XII )

OM Cord









Cleaning tip from the artist:

When your silver needs cleaning just use boiling water, plus a little baking soda and a little soap powder. Let the silver sit in the mixture and rub gently with a soft toothbrush.  Do not use this method for jewelry with stones.


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