Step Year 4 - Seminar 6

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Lecture subjects and texts used

3 Lectures - Includes the following subjects based on the books Breakthrough to Higher Psychism Other Worlds, and Higher Psychism by Torkom Saraydarian

  1. Breakthrough to Higher Psychism: Chapter 8, "Mediumship and Higher Worlds"
  2. Breakthrough to HP: Chapters 9 & 10, , "Automatic Writing" & "Psychic Powers"
  3. Other Worlds: Chapter 30, "Past Experiences and Past Lives" & Higher Psychism: Chapter 18, "Past Lives"

Lectures are 45-60 minutes each, approximately 3 hours per seminar.

  • DVD shipped in zip-padded case: $45.00 for each 3-part seminar.
  • MP3/Youtube links: $30.00 for each 3-part seminar.
  • In-Person Seminar: $30.00 per person, YouTube links provided upon request.


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The materials in these lectures and in the book are given for spiritual upliftment. They are not meant to take the place of medical, psychiatric or psychological treatment. Please see your medical doctor if you have the need for counseling or psychiatric care.

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