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Welcome to TSG Talks: Faces of the Foundation, an interview series sharing the stories of those involved with TSG such as employees, students, and volunteers.

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Success Stories:

 icon conversation  Your dad was such an incredible Disciple, I was so glad to spend the time with him that we did.  He was such a magnificent Teacher, and the finest example I have every known.  He is one of my Heroes.-C.B.
icon conversation "I have been looking for something like TSG for years." -Alejandro Gallo (Lima, Peru)  
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"In The Psychology of Cooperation and Group Consciousness, Torkom revealed the insights of working with cooperation and group consciousness very deeply. I was moved by the new dimension of these understandings. I always knew group working is always powerful and success. But, group consciousness makes you see yourself in others. This new dimension opened my inner eye. Seeing yourself in others is Enlightenment and this book is the swift shortcut to your Nirvana." -Ayyappa Pindi (India)

icon conversation "I feel good about completing my five months of learning seed thought meditation and plan to continue on with it. Gita, thank you so much for guiding me through this scientific method of meditation. My life has taken such a shift and I am standing on a clear foundation that I could never have anticipated!" -Dr. Done Fourie
icon conversation "I have been blessed to get to know TSG Foundation. I truly enjoy reading each and every one of the honorable Torkom Saraydarian's books. Thank you and blessings!" -Hilda Nazarian
icon conversation "Regardless of how many times I re-read Torkom's books, I always find something new. I am so grateful to him for his sacrifice in writing this material down to us and to you and your staff for publishing all the amazing books and other materials." -Tricia Allspaw
icon conversation "I'm incredibly inspired to come across your website and the Teaching. I've been reading spiritual and esoteric literature for years and meditating for nearly for 15 years. I've taught/guided meditation for almost 5 years, but am entering a new phase of realization as I see so many people around me seeking to understand the mysteries of life. So here I am and I wish to bridge the gap between theory and experience. The depth of the programs you offer is very appealing to me." -D.B.
icon conversation "Inspiring so many people all over the world, toward a loving and positive approach to life, spreading the Teaching, publishing books and giving seminars, making the great work of Torkom Saraydarian available to everyone who is willing to follow the path of self-actualization and self-determination makes you such a blessing to the whole world. Thank you for your persistent striving and labor!" -I.W.
icon conversation "TSG Foundation is a perfect example of a real non-profit organization. In the past two years, Gita has sent India the following books: 100 Sex, Family & Women In Society, 400 Women Torch of Future,  300 Dynamics of Success, 100 Breakthrough to Higher Psychism, 100 Sense of Responsibility in Society, 100 Psychology and Group Cooperation, 100 Earthquakes & Disasters, 100 Discipleship In Action and few more books are on their way to India. All these books are sent to India without charging a single penny! TSG foundation is bearing all the shipping cost from the fund it has collected specially to send books to India. The intention behind sending these many numbers of books, free of cost is to spread the real teaching and take it to people all around. We are so grateful!" -Sreenivas Kadiyala (India)
icon conversation "Dear Gita and Staff,  I wanted to connect with you in person so I could tell you have so very thankful I have been over the years that Divine Providence led me to Torkom’s great books of wisdom. My evolving life would not be what it is today without his words of wisdom. So, many grateful thanks to you Gita and Staff for keeping Torkom’s wisdom alive in our hearts, minds, and life." -Bette Smith


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"Today (12/15/16) marks exactly one year since I called TSG and we spoke about my beginning meditation practice. I remember the joy that erupted from deep within as I hung up the phone. I knew, my inner wisdom knew, I had found my teacher and I had made a decision that needed to be made.

During this Sagittarius Full Moon cycle, I reflect back over this past year and as I read The Wisdom Of The Zodiac, listen to your meditation on YouTube, I can see the real changes that I have made in every area of my life. I can see more clearly, the weak areas in my personality and the work that has yet to be done to overcome some of these habits. I write clear goals for these areas as you and Torkom suggest; practical steps. And I do not feel discouraged nor judgmental of myself, just see how to strive in steps that will improve my life and align more focused with my higher goal.....contact with Soul.....and toward a Christed life and service to the Hierarchy.

My understanding of striving has deepened within me over this past year. It is no longer a word that I read and read often in Torkom's writings." -Dove Flowers 


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