About Torkom by Others – 2007

How Torkom Impacted My Life 

Hi Gita,

I have been thinking about Torkom's impact on our lives and his upcoming
birthday all of this week! I have been thinking about some of his
outstanding qualities of character that impressed my mind and heart the
most. Torkom never really took anything for himself. He took the very
smallest salary possible, even though most of the income to the group was
from his own labor. He never focused on having a lot, but on the work.
He kept his personal needs very simple. I have been reflecting on this
fact as I am thinking about how to manage my own financial and material

Another quality was his daily rhythm. I noticed that he never allowed
circumstances to interrupt his daily meditations, study, writing,
counseling, and lectures. In all of the many years I attended his
lectures, he never missed or cancelled one lecture. Even near the end of
his incarnation when he could only whisper because of his illness, he
never missed a lecture. He sat in his chair and spoke through a mike, but
he was always there. He had tremendous discipline, rhythm, and

I plan to spend more of this week thinking about Torkom's exceptional
qualities and how I can better follow in his footsteps. I will be saying
the Great Invocation with all of you.

Sedona, Arizona
November 1, 2007  

Torkom and the Ageless Wisdom

Dear Gita,

Just wanted to join you and others in celebrating Torkom's birthday. I haven't met him in person, but his influence on me was enormous. I got to know him by first reading "The Ageless Wisdom" and it became a Bible for me. It has been more than a year since I sleep with the Bible and "The Ageless Wisdom" book next to my pillow. His birth gave birth to so much goodness and set such a great example, that sometimes I look at what he has done and think, "Ah, how I am going to get there!". And not only get there, but then move beyond. Stars are too intangible for human consciousness to reach every day, but he set more tangible, every day example for my mind to try to comprehend and strive to achieve. His birthday is a celebration of goodness and celebration of the future, because he is from future. His work is so vast that it will extend itself into many many centuries and feed countless souls on their quest back home, as it does for me.

It was sheer joy to read Mary Senter's chapter about Torkom. Her beautiful gift of writing made it even more enjoyable read. I will be looking forward to buy a copy as soon as it is released.

With Love and deep Gratitude to Torkom and to you,

Arman A.
November 2, 2007

Incredible, Beautiful Gratitude 

Dearest Gita and everyone,

I wanted to add my love and blessings to all of yours for Torkom.  Not a day goes by that I don't feel incredible, beautiful gratitude and awe that I have been blessed to discover Torkom's teaching and his continuing legacy through Gita, Catriona, Gladys, Vivienne and all of you.  I feel honored and hope that I can be a worthy servant of the Divine Plan through Torkom's beautiful teachings.

With all my love,

Michelle R.
New Mexico
November 5, 2007

My Father and You: About Torkom By Julie

My Father was the leader in our household.  The march was firm and solid.

With You it was a song—You sometimes shouted, but still it was a song that only the hearts of the striving could listen to, and maybe, sometimes, hear the rhythm of the march.

In his latter years, my Father became a child and softened and then became a teacher.

You, in your latter years, softened, but always a man—a man of great purpose, of great presence, of great cause.

My Father held me many times—when I tumbled to the ground falling off the top of the slide, when I crushed my elbow, when I went off to college…many times his arms and strong hands held me…many times his strong thoughts prayed for me.

But You only pierced us with your eyes to say, “I accept you as my students.”  Oh so good for us.  But wait…the glory of the joy in knowing You, is the greatest sweat of our labor, and the continuous weighing of our choices to serve the Great Ones.

Oh the Joy to know better and to be better from the touch of Your Presence.

In remembrance to you, Torkom.

Julie Shackley
For Wayne, Indiana
November 1, 2007

About Torkom By Carol 

Dear Gita,

I am thinking of you and your family today on your Father's birth date.
Thank you for keeping his memory fresh in our minds and hearts.

Much of my spiritual understandings are a direct result of the books
written by Torkom Saraydarian. As you know my teacher Rev. Carol E.
Parrish, Dean of Sancta Sophia Seminary, was one of his students. Many
of your father's books are required reading at the Seminary. His deep
understanding and real life knowledge of spiritual concepts is amazing.
How would I ever explain a Solar Angel, or Psychic Awareness or
Spiritual Healing or The Hierarchy without his shared wisdom and
dedication to his beloved Master? As I reread his books and study his
words, I am forever grateful to him. His  loving presence shines through
to all who have the opportunity to read these words, a legacy your group
continues to provide. As time passes, I become  more and more aware of
the importance of this wealth of information, Torkom Saraydarian has
recorded for us.

Carol Beyer, Ph.D.
November 1, 2007

TESTIMONIAL on the occasion of Torkom’s Birthday in 2007 by Catriona:


P. 187 In Torkom’s Teachings by Hal Balyoz has a very moving story that truly reflects Torkom’s beauty, courage and single-mindedness even as a young child.

"When I was six or seven years old, my father was reading a small book on Buddha. He said, ‘Come here, son; sit down and listen to this last paragraph. Buddha says when the time came for him to pass away, he sat down cross-legged, called his disciples and said, ‘Blessings to you; strive, do everything possible to reach perfection; be your own refuge; don’t depend on anybody else; depend only on your innermost core. God bless you, I am going.’  The story continued, telling that He withdrew from His mental body and entered Nirvana.’’  ‘’Daddy, ‘I said ‘That’s it; that’s what I was searching for. I want to reach that stage where I leave my body just like Him.’ How beautiful it is to bring to children’s minds visions like this. That was my first foundation.  I started to search everywhere to find out what I would do to reach that stage, because it bugged me so hard that I thought that if I don’t reach that stage, I am a failure.’’


Here is a beautiful story about Torkom’s childhood quest. He was searching from a very young age and he knew he was the one to find the answers. Torkom did everything by his own hands and feet and made certain he impressed on his students the need for the same qualities of perseverance, courage and single-mindedness.

Since childhood I have been searching to understand the questions of existence.  An awareness of the spiritual dimension of life was limited to religious dogma, and sectarian belief which from a young age created a question in my mind. The question I asked was why? Why did people hate, gossip, fight instead of love? Why were people cruel to children, to animals to insects? Why does the priest not treat the children with respect? Clearly I was looking for the Divinity in humanity and I was not finding it. I realise now I was looking in the wrong place and really all along I needed to look inside. It took many years to learn that lesson and only when I discovered Torkom’s Teachings did the real Truth about life and existence emerge.

Since discovering Torkom’s Teachings my life has been totally transformed. I experience life with greater depth, meaning and mystery. This has been a practical process full of great joy and at times great sadness due to personal limitations. However as I focus on the vision of the future that Torkom’s Teachings have allowed me to glimpse, then I can see beyond the lower self to a greater future and a greater joy in serving humanity.

What we hold in our hands is the key to our future. Torkom’s legacy is the gift of life itself. 

Catriona Nason
President: TSG UK
November 1, 2007

What Torkom Means to Me by Constanze

Torkom´s fearlessness is a huge source of inspiration to me. Especially his passionate and fearless love for humanity…for – ONE HUMANITY –

From time to time I have the chance to enjoy and to feel this deep and high love in more colourful tones, forms, shapes and layers as usual.

These are the moments when I look in the eyes of a child, a young woman, a young man, or when looking in the eyes of my beloved ones, getting reminded that there is trust, hope, a goal…for sure love, goodwill… and a great vision…a chance for a beautiful future. ……And in these very precious moments I feel that Torkom is with us.

His teachings, writings, music and books are full of examples and inspirations, how to create, to build, and to work on a better and a more glorious future….full of examples how to work on ourselves….and with others in our relationships.
Through Torkom´s special and honest manner to express wisdom, love and power I get reminded that there is a way, a narrow path.
Torkom, his Teaching and his whole creative work is such an example for me.
It is a noble, an honest, a real, stable, practical way and a path to freedom, love, truth, joy and a path in beauty.

Now having Gita, his daughter as our teacher is a lively example and one of his greatest gifts to us.

My gratitude to Torkom and Gita will never end.

I did not expect such a loving, joyful, wise and intuitive guidance for myself in the past. Now I discover this guidance, this wonderful, beautiful network of support…more and more. It is closer as I thought, and it still comes closer and closer.
I need this to know and I need this support, guidance and protection.

It is a tremendous help in my own transformation, enfoldment and in my work with people. Looking back to the very first moment when I received my first book of Torkom, I recognise that everything else was on my way…guiding me to the place where I’m now.

It is still a lot of work to raise my consciousness, a lot of work “to work through” layers of illusions, not discovered yet. But I’m inspired, encouraged and willing to work through…layer by layer – from level to level.

Through Torkom´s inspirations, through his heart, mind and spirit, and Gita´s wise guidance my life and my surrounding are improving day by day.

I want to express my deepest gratitude, honour and love…….

LOVE TO ALL…….Constanze
President: TSG Germany
November 1, 2007

About Torkom by AV

Being faced with the burning questions of “Is this all there is?”and “Who am I?” and “Why am I,” and searching for meaningful answers throughout my life, it was no surprise that I eventually cameacross Torkom’s writings, and it is he who finally brought it alltogether for me.So precise and detailed are his writings, so full of loveand gentility, encouragement and strength, you at once find yourself“at home” with yourself and breathe a sigh of relief, because yourealize for the first time in your life that you have found your guide,and your journey of self-discovery has finally begun…

“An infinite source of inspiration” is who Torkom has been for usthrough his books and lectures.How he stands out from the manyspiritual teachers of our times is that Torkom generously and selflessly acknowledges his own sources, and by so doing shows us the true meaning ofsharing.He shows us that spirituality is indeed for everyone andfulfills his promise to be by our side in every step of the journey.

I wholeheartedly recommend Torkom Saraydarian and the Teaching he presents to all who at least once have genuinely questioned the reason fortheir being.

With Love,

July 8, 2007


 Tribute To Torkom Saraydarian

At one point in my life I had no direction. There was such emptiness, a void, and I did not know what was missing. I truly and honestly feel that I was led to the Teachings.I did not study directly under Torkom but I have been studying his books and I find he was such an amazing person. How wonderful his life was. I became hooked. I have been studying and reading for many years and my life has changed so much. I don’t feel the emptiness anymore and I know what direction I want my life to take and it all stems from the Teachings of Torkom’s books and doing the work required to change.His teaching has inspired me so much to continue the work I started and work at being who I am meant to be and what I am meant to be. It has made a tremendous impact on my life.

I am grateful to be able to study his work and develop my spirituality to strive on The Path.

Phoenix, Arizona    



About Torkom by KS

 Prior to receiving one of Torkom Saraydarian’s books as a gift, I had read quite a lot of information about the ancient wisdom.My level of learning was academic and it did not change my life.When I began to read Torkom’s books, I was given insight about how to make that information a living reality.Then my life changed.For example, I not only learned about meditation, but I was also given information about why we meditate and then how to meditate.I began to understand how we function through the physical, emotional and mental aspects of our personalities, and then how to control them.I learned about virtues, about healing, always with information about meditations, reflections, or lifestyle changes.There was so much information and so many ways to work with that information to make it concrete knowledge, and to manifest it through my own life.

I took an online course and discovered that writing my understanding of the teachings makes them solid within me.This brought me to another level of understanding.These courses are presented by Gita Saraydarian, and her encouragement and responses have given me an opportunity to share my thoughts and build on them.

I never knew Torkom personally, but that doesn’t seem to be important.The manner in which information is presented and the way that information can be used is what can shape a person’s life.



Torkom Saraydarian

Since early childhood I have been searching for meaning and purpose in life and spent many unhappy years not certain of my direction.In 1995 I was fortunate enough to be introduced to Torkom’s Teachings by one of his students in London, Dr John Czernek.From that moment on my life changed immeasurably. Not only had I found my direction but also a reason for living and serving. Discovering Torkom was a momentous opportunity for me. I finally realized we were all in the world for a specific reason and that this life on earth or ‘school’ was where we either graduated, went into a backslide or dropped out – the choice is ours.The deeper mystery of why we are here, where we came from and where we can go to was the most exciting discovery for me. This gave me great hope for all humanity. Torkom has led us by the hand with his Teaching to discover how to live, how to love and how to give. – He gives us the means and the ways to discover who we really are. His radiation, his purity and his Teachings gave to the world a great legacy to fill the needs for true spiritual progress, to solve our problems and to live a remarkable life. Torkom spent his life giving. He gave his 147 books, his thousands of lectures all over the world, his guidance, his love, his deep compassion, his counseling to many thousands of people. He also gave us beautiful music to heal our bodies along with hundreds of musical compositions. He was a modern Teacher, taking the best of all true religions and philosophies and synthesizing that great body of Teaching into a clear and concise guidance of how to live on earth. Torkom tells us throughout his books that it is through our virtues we will progress.This is a much harder task than at first thought but his encouragement helps us to stand up every time we fall and keep moving forward towards our vision.

Torkom lived his life with compassion and gave all he had to humanity. We are in desperate need of guidance and true Teaching as we enter into a new age. The 21st Century Crisis is now upon us. Now more than ever we must find the tools to lead a better life and all we need is contained within the Teaching.

Catriona Nason
TSG (UK) Ltd


Testimonial to the Teacher

It is a great privilege while living on earth to have a teacher of the Ageless Wisdom.This was the privilege I had with Torkom Saraydarian.I studied with him for thirty years until he passed through transition in 1997.Without doubt, he was the best teacher I ever had.He was not perfect and he made mistakes in life as we all do.He called his mistakes “silly things.”Despite these “silly things,” one can find inspiration in his example of continuing to strive to overcome all imperfections as he abandoned his entire life to the teaching and living of the Ageless Wisdom.His achievements despite and conquering of all obstacles give me hope that the rest of us also can achieve higher levels of beingness despite our mistakes and sins of the past.

He always emphasized the principles of beauty, goodness, righteousness, joy and freedom.There was no imposition as is common in cults.He wanted his students to demonstrate independent thinking and initiative.He told his followers to never worship the earthly teacher, but rather to show the highest loyalty to the Teaching itself, the Ageless Wisdom, to the Path of the Great Service.

His collected writings are the most comprehensive synthesis and clarification of the Ageless Wisdom as presented by H.P. Blavatsky, the Agni Yoga Society and the work of Alice Bailey.In addition to the clarifications of this wisdom, he gave many original mental exercises, visualizations, meditations and prayers that enable the student to go beyond mere intellectual understanding and to transform her/his nature.His major emphasis was to make the spiritual life a practical reality.

As I grow older I continue to think of him many times a day.His laughter I hear through my heart.His face is always present in my mind’s eye.I grieve for his physical absence, yet he has not left.If you want to know Torkom’s true nature, study his songs and poetry.His beingness can be approached only through the heart.

Scottsdale, Arizona



Dear Gita:

Here are some thoughts that I have about your father, Torkom.

I come from a family where my mom and dad held together until I was eighteen. Mom has always been devout Catholic. Dad was not a fan offundamental religion. He believed that profession of faith, and living in spirit are worlds apart. His own father was not always kind. When my dad was 15 or 16 his dad caught my dad kissing a girl and my dad got beaten. His father was Baptist, and insisted that God was a harsh God. That night dad hitchhiked from Indiana to Washington D.C. to live with his eldest sister and finish high school. Then he joined the Navy and served in Vietnam. My dad raised me with kindness, affection, and humor, but he was never able to forgive his own dad, or to love himself. He smoked his life away, worked and drank it away, and left this world with regret. He set practically no boundaries or standards for me, but let me do when and as I saw fit.

Torkom, in one of his books [Woman Torch of the Future] talks about what happens to a young person when his mental unit isn't built by the father, and I am proof of what Torkom has said.

In high school I received mostly A's and excelled at some sports. I had my way with the beautiful girls of the school because I felt a sincere connection with many of them. When school ended I had no idea what I wanted to do, and had no idea that to live means to labor. Because everything had come easily to me, I thought everything would always come that way. When it didn't I started smoking pot, lost whatever sense of standards I formerly had, dropped out of college and lived my life centered on gratification. My sister and mother tried to have me committed to a mental institution as I had used LSD in a desperate search for some answers. Shortly thereafter I joined the Marine Corps, a very lost and hurting soul. There was not in me, the impulse to carry a rifle, or to kill, but I was headstrong and determined to be a Marine. That was the most difficult thing I ever did. I was at odds at all times. I entered holes so deep and dark that suicide seemed the only reasonable option. Two things pulled me through, one was my sister, who had been applying Torkom's teachings in her life for four or five years, the other was the assistance and healing that came in the form of dreams. I had not one day of rest or peace in the four that I spent in the Corps. Those four years seemed eternal. Jeanne [Group leader in Indiana] and my sister were the voices of reason and courage that pulled me through and held me to task. Their strength and insight is largely due to the influence, love, and wisdom of Torkom, to whom I also feel strongly bonded to.

At nineteen, shortly before my madness, I began reading work by Swami Rama, Paramhansa Yogananda, Krishnamurti, the Bhagavad Gita, the Dhamapada, the Tao te Ching. These books were left at my dad's house where I had been living since dropping out of college. Rama and Yoganandaji wrote similar autobiographies that revealed the immortality of the soul and the fact of the existence of Those Who are able to demonstrate such immortality. I knew what they were saying to be true and I began to fast and meditate.

It would take too long to go into the various experiences that followed and how they affected me, so I'll get to the point. I still love the work I read and am eternally indebted to Yoganandaji for the guidance and protection that He has offered. But what I get from Torkom is a structure, a plan, a path, that is described in practical, concrete, clear-cut ways. He and Yoganada offer me two very different and I feel necessary energies. Yogananda says love, serve, and meditate deeply. Torkom tells me what love is, what it looks like, what it does. He does the same thing with service and every virtue included in love. He gives real life examples for many of the things that he teaches. Allen [Group leader in Indiana] gave me a copy of A Commentary on Psychic Energy today, published in 1989. The photo of Torkom on the back rocks me. I am also fond of the one from the back of the Ageless Wisdom, and have it on my altar where I meditate.

Two winters ago, at Right Relations annual Christmas dinner, I went to Jeanne and Allen in tears, to thank them for what they have done. For inspiring my sister's life, so that an example of what a family is now exists for me. I told them that I didn't know what I would do without my sister. And they said, "We didn't do anything. You will also have a wonderful and successful family." That prayer, "I am a path, by which men may achieve." I see your father [Torkom] as that path. His love is a savior in my life.

I'm in tears now, and have some things to do before bed.

Thanks you again for your warmth.





What Torkom means to me

In my spiritual search I came along several teachers, who claimed to be spiritual teachers. But always I found out – sooner or later – that there were dark shadows in their behaviour or in the behaviour of their followers, and that their teachings were in some way limited.

When I came in contact with books of Torkom in 2000, first with Symphony of the Zodiac, which was laid on the book table in a seminar, I sensed that there was a special energy in his writings, which I almost never had come along before in a book or a person. During the past seven years I studied more books of Torkom, some of them several times, attended a seminar with Gita and met other students of Torkom´s books. I never met a teacher, teaching or group in the spiritual field of such a high quality, purity, wide horizon, love and light as at TSG. Torkom´s books encourage me to take serious my deepest inner experiences, to have faith in my deepest inner realizations and helped me to let go and overcome attitudes which I had adopted from my environment, blindly, or because I did not have courage to stay with my innermost views, thoughts, intuitions. I never found such rich and deep information about the spiritual path, the inner constitution of man, cosmic laws and inner aspects of various fields of life like education, partner and family relationship, health, leadership, arts. His books help me to get more aligned withprecious subtle energies, give me direction, inspiration, new insights, faith and hope for a better future. If more and more people would practise what he teaches, we would live in a wonderful world! His teachings are guidelines on how to overcome the many world-wide crises in our present time.His speech is clear and simple, also easy to understand for those whose mother-language is not English. He often tells stories of what he has experienced in his own life. I like these stories. They point out very clearly what the Teaching is about and that it has much to do with our daily life. His message in all his books (those which I read and as far as I remember) is that the spiritual path is not something mystical, something far away and only something for special people. But life in all fields just functions in a better and healthier way, if we strive for purity on all levels (physical, emotional, mental), if we bring beauty to our environments, put beauty and joy in our thoughts, expressions and actions, if we practise goodness, righteousness, truth, strive for constant improvement in all aspects of our life and practise sacrificial service. The more we succeed in this, the more our live becomes spiritualized.

Much gratitude to Gita for her great efforts to publish Torkom´s works and to continue Torkom´s endeavour in spreading the Ageless Wisdom Teaching!




About Torkom:

I had been spiritually seeking intensely since I was 28 years old and living in Portland, Oregon.That was in 1976.I looked at everything that was out there.These new therapies, channelers, astrologers various kind of gurus.I wasn't finding it. I felt that much of what was out there was dangerous and misleading.I felt that a lot of what was out there was leading me out the very same door I went in.My spiritual longings were so strong, but I felt I needed a teacher to help me navigate this journey and a rational, safe system of practice. When I was 35 I moved to Sweden with my husband of four years.Of course, the first thing I did was find the New Age bookstore where I continued my search for the spiritual group and teacher I so deeply longed for.I looked through all the trendy books, the local new age periodicals and the bulletin board postings.I came upon a book called The Science of Meditation by Torkom Saraydarian. I could see at a glance that he was writing about the Teachings of the Hierarchy.I loved his language, bought the book and went home. There’s a special feeling you get when you find it after long looking;such a happy feeling.The way he brought the Ageless Wisdom teaching to me in an easy flowing language that I could graspeasily."He is an advanced disciple", I thought."He is an Initiate of a high degree", I said to myself."He is teaching the Ageless Wisdom Teachings and I believe he must have a lot of people around him." Those were my very thoughts.

I was deeply homesick and wanted desperately to go home.I secretly wished I could head out to Arizona and learn from this person.   My husband and I were still building up our lives and we had an important job to do. That was quickly the end of that passing dream.22 years went by and the jobs my husband and I had to do all turned out successfully, but I still had that nagging unfulfilled longing for my "group" and the teacher.I was in my mid 50's by now.We were successful, by most people’s standards but I had really lost my enthusiasm for life, I was your classic middle-aged person that felt that I had done mine.I had thrown in the towel.I had no goals and no purpose.I had forgotten about Torkom’s book.

I started to do some chanting and a wrong meditation form and was starting to get some difficult consequences.I pulled out the Tibetan Master’s book on meditation and saw the warnings and symptoms there in Dangers in meditation.How could I be so stupid?I knew better.How could I be so stupid after all these years of knowing better?At the same time I had started a computer course but the focus it demanded was getting too strenuous on my brain and I knew I was in deep trouble with no where to turn.

 I remembered this book by Torkom from so long ago and pulled it out.I went to the computer and did my first Google!T. S. G.And just like ‘open sesame’, there it was just a finger tip away after all this time. I was so amazed.I felt a guiding hand in this.

I called them and got the assistance I needed and now I am reading Torkom’s books and taking meditation course under professional guidance.Through Torkom’s books, I have been able to reevaluate my view of life, my sense of meaning and purpose and restore my enthusiasm and self esteem.My study of Torkom’s writings fills that empty spiritual longing I carried with me for so long.To find my way was so important and I had come to believe that I would never find it.I've never met Torkom but I can say that his spirit of love and compassion for people shines through in all his writings. There is one truth that shines out in all of this for me. ."To everything there is a season and a time to every purpose under heaven." Torkom not only gave us the teachings in practical comprehensible way, he gave us a clear and practical and safe way to apply them in the every day life.

I am grateful to Gita and everyone at TSG for their work in carrying on Torkom’s legacy.

In joy and gratitude,




Thanks Gita for your response.

I have been reading Torkom for some time and he has influenced my thinking and work so much which is the heart language and heart reasoning related to our environmental and global problems. What is so special about Torkom are his insights and feelings expressed in contemporary language and simple psychology on the true and higher character of Ageless Wisdom and a mature, developed spiritual mind and worldview.Torkom is helping us and allowing us to see and reflect time and time and time again are we coming from a deeper place of authentic higher spiritual expression and learning or are we still functioning from a place of separateness, ego, self interest, exploitation and the lower intentions.For example we all now know about the DVD 'The Secret'. I attended a viewing just 4 weeks ago with several people and some who are quite advanced and some who are spiritual and emotional counselors to others. They asked us to express how we felt about the video and l waited till the last. Everyone was an evangelistic believer concerning The Secret. This is what l said…I said that on the surface there are some good points in the video but that the underlying view could be faulty and could even be hazardously misinterpreted by someone. Some people were not happy with my views but acknowledged that l could have a point. For example the DVD starts out with the idea that you can have it all. You can have all the fast cars, all the boats and travel and all the money in the world if you only knew…'The Secret’.

Is this not the same ideology that is destroying the ecosystems of a 4.5 billion year old planet earth?Is it not advocating to win, to consume, to compete as if we created this gorgeous earth which we did not and could fix it at any time. As if our precious children will be taken care of by the planet in their future if we do not care for the earth today. And yet people do not see that they are being hypnotized by something even if there are some good points.

I have had discussions with many world experts and when l start to speak in terms of the relationship between our social and ecology problems and our lack of love and compassion for each other and the sacred earth and our focus entirely on the mental, statistical and scientific aspects of a specific global issue, they seem to go into freeze mode or shut it out. It is not part of their education or worldview that these problems are reflections of our state of consciousness and our preoccupations with self-interests, competition etc. As Torkom says we have so much education but we have so little concerning developing our true inner identity and the Diamond Heart that is our true nature.We educate so many people to go out into industries and just exploit other people or exploit the earth and now we are asking ourselves how we got into this global environmental quagmire.We think the way out is our technology our mind our innovations our policies our science. Yes this is some of it. But we do not want to reflect on the contamination within us our thinking our separateness from divine creation and each other. Or, how we have allowed a few dominating systems and people to create the ideologies of our current economies and systems. Well as Torkom knows these systems and things are just ideas and ideas and systems whose time has come to be changed by a higher perspective and a new spiritual worldview.

Your beloved Father has inspired me and l know many others to reach for the Heroic in our actions and activities. I have helped facilitate many projects most of which is people and activities that had little faith that they could manifest and encouraged them as Torkom has stirred me with a commanding FIRE that their work is indeed possible, if they will sacrifice and work and labor for what could serve the purpose of a new and better world; that if they will do their part in faith… spirit will do its part in assisting them.  

Kind Regards and l will stay in touch,  

In the Sign of the Heart the Head and the Hand… 

Vancouver, Canada