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TSG Foundation: Serving the community since 1987!
Mission Statement: We are dedicated to publishing, distributing, teaching, and preserving Torkom Saraydarian’s creative works.

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The new TSG Center officially opened in Spring of 2023 located in the beautiful Sonoran Desert in Scottsdale Arizona, and since has received 2 design and environmental awards!

The new Center provides classes and events; Sunday and Holiday services, special events, and annual conferences held inside the sanctuary hall. There are also indoor areas and outdoor gardens for study and meditation, an all-purpose room for families with small children, a beautiful and large research library for world spiritual traditions and religions, a bookstore with all of Torkom’s books and booklets, and much more. Contact us for visiting hours or for guided tours of the Center.

TSG Center Environmental Awards!

  • (2023) “We are honored and thrilled to share that the [Center] TSG Foundation for Spiritual Development won the SRP Sustainable Design Award in the 2023 AIA Arizona Design Awards!” Orcutt | Winslow
  • (2024) We are also thrilled to announce that (TSG Center) TSG Foundation has received another prestigious award: “Award of Distinction” from the Arizona Forward Environmental Excellence Awards Program! Details.

Thank you to the Architectural Firm orcutt | winslow and to the Lead Architect Ashley Mulhall and her Team for the creation, design, and the building of the TSG Center in Scottsdale, Arizona.

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

The TSG Foundation’s focus is on a comprehensive spiritual educational program of life enhancement teachings written and designed by an internationally recognized scholar, philosopher, and author Torkom Saraydarian.

TSG continues to be run by Gita Saraydarian, who has established a worldwide audience as a creative educator for progressive ideas, transformation, and goodwill. The Foundation’s headquarters is in Cave Creek, Arizona. Its books, study courses, and seminars are distributed and conducted throughout the world.

The purpose of TSG Foundation’s work is to help people to unfold their potentials and transform their life to increased happiness, joy, creativity and abundance in every way. TSG provides progressive ideas and processes — defined as those ideas which are designed for the betterment of human relationships and for humanity as a whole, through which a person is empowered to make better life choices in every aspect of life.

The Five Pillars of TSG programs include:

  • Joy & Healing
  • Creating Prosperity
  • The Wisdom of the Zodiac
  • Stepping Into the Teaching
  • Annual Conference & Retreat at the time of Wesak

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TSG has published many books and booklets over the years and continues to release more of Torkom’s creative works. Our books are available in print formats and titles are being completed on Kindle/E-books.

Publications are broadly divided into five subject areas:

  1. Ethics and social responsibility: Building “right human relations” starts with having a sense of responsibility and a deep sense of the inherent human virtues that can be considered “goodwill.” An increasing sense of responsibility connects to one’s family, nation, planet, and the environment and enables the person to make the decisions about life that support the continuity and safekeeping of our planetary existence.
  2. Critical thinking: Learning to discern true independent thinking, free from mechanical thinking is the foundation of a healthy mind. To be free of outdated beliefs, emotions, others’ thinking and mass thinking develop better living conditions for the individual and society. Learning how thought affects our lives includes understanding the mechanisms of the mind, thoughts and chemistry, clear thinking and scientific meditation, memory and the development of intuition.
  3. Creativity and culture: Creativity can be defined as bringing illumination in any endeavor one chooses, in any of the seven fields of human endeavor: politically, artistically, scientifically, economically, educationally, and in the fields of communication and religion. The creative process strives to build a better future, a future that flowers hopes and expectations while conditioning the unfoldment of highest potentials. Culture is the result of experience; it is defined as an expression that reflects a certain level of creativity and beauty. Culture can be measured by the degree it uplifts and generates new visions for the future.
  4. Leadership and vision: Leadership qualities can be evoked in every human being in all fields of life. Leadership principles such as discipline, perseverance, health, inclusiveness, and continuous improvement relate to the core values of human experience. Leadership tools to increase a healthy self-image, success, the expansion of the heart and will power enhance our capacity to live our visions.
  5. Crises and challenges of life: We deal with crises and challenges of our personal and national and global life according to our inner strength and the power of our psychic development. Learning how to enhance our inner strengths will enable us to face any and all challenges of life. Learning about the role of karma and reincarnation will help us develop deeper understanding and tolerance toward others. Learning about safe and sane methods of spiritual development will make us thrive physically, mentally, and emotionally.

On-site and virtual seminars, workshops, and classes are conducted at the New TSG Center in Scottsdale, Arizona:
See full schedule of events or visit the Calendar section on this website.

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CD’s and DVD’s of Torkom’s and Gita’s lectures are available to order online.

If you wish to book Gita Saraydarian for special classes and seminars, please contact Gita for more information.

TSG has Affiliates in many locations.

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We are in the continuous process of safekeeping all of Torkom’s creative works in multiple mediums. We welcome contributions to this effort.
Books in translation:
Many books are available in various languages. For a list of titles and availability, please go to TS Book Translations page.

Still to be published: We continue to focus on publishing Torkom’s unpublished works. Please contact us for the latest production information.

The Creative Trust: Gita and Torkom Saraydarian created a Trust that holds the copyrights to all of Torkom’s creative works in all mediums. Gita administers the Trust. For information about translations and publishing or use of copyrighted materials, please contact Gita.

To make a donation to any of our programs, click here for more TSG information and donation process.

Your financial contributions are very important for us. We rely completely on contributions to continue our publishing and archiving works.

We believe that Torkom’s creative works contribute to the enrichment of humanity’s culture all over the world. These works are worthy of safekeeping for future generations. Future generations will be helped by having access to the lectures, writings, music, and original documents by Torkom to draw upon.

You can help us. Please make a one-time donation or donate on a monthly or annual basis. Include us in your Estate Planning. Your donations are tax deductible and are deeply appreciated.

TSG is a non-profit, tax-exempt organization.

The International Brotherhood Fund is a special fund dedicated to making books available to public library facilities anywhere in the world. It was founded in 1989 by Gita Saraydarian and since then has given away thousands of books. Contributions made to this fund are used for the express purpose of providing books to libraries for the use of the general public. If you wish to contribute to this program, please contact us.

Mailing Address: P.O. Box 7068 Cave Creek, Arizona, 85331 USA
TSG Center physical address: 8685 E. Stagecoach Pass Road, Scottsdale, AZ 85266 USA
Tel: 480-502-0919 | Email: info@tsgfoundation.org

All writings about Torkom and excerpts are copyrighted under The Creative Trust. ©All Rights Reserved.