End of the Year Fundraising

Gita Saraydarian
Torkom Saraydarian

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To publish, distribute, teach, and safekeep Torkom Saraydarian’s creations in perpetuity.



Gita's End of the Year Letter —  

On November 1st, we celebrate Torkom’s 103rd birthday, and on the 30th, TSG’s 33rd. The year 2020 started like any other year with plans and ideas for the new year. But, before the first quarter was over, we closed our in-person classes, cleaned up our office spaces like never before, donned masks in the office, and took to the virtual media for meetings and classes. We did it!


Disciples respond to crises, and you came to our help with generosity, courage, and strength. These past months have shown me clearly how we can respond to crises and even grow because of them.

In this fundraising letter, I would like to raise an important consideration.

We need to think and plan for the future and the continuing viability of TSG Foundation. We need to ensure that our building remains well-maintained and cared for, our programs continue and grow, and our staff is always ready for opportunities to expand into new areas of the globe.

With some planning, you can make a gift that will have a great impact on TSG’s future while at the same time fulfilling your financial goals. Gift planning allows you to make charitable contributions that maximize your personal, family, and philanthropic goals while also helping you realize tax savings. Here are some options:

Endowment Fund

The history of endowment savings began with the Roman emperor Marcus Aurelius, who endowed four teachers to set up schools of philosophy in Athens in AD 176. This tradition continued all over the world so that important teachings had financial security in which to operate. Following in their footsteps, we have established a TSG Endowment Fund that will be our treasury for our future continuity. Such a fund will be carefully invested, and the investment proceeds will be used to fund specifically designated TSG programs. At the top of the list is to ensure the TSG building and grounds are well-maintained, repaired, and kept in their pristine state. A secondary project is to ensure that all of Torkom Saraydarian’s creative works are kept in circulation in perpetuity. As the fund grows and the investments yield greater returns, our Board of Directors will designate programs that will benefit from the fund, such as finding new platforms to spread the Teaching. The principal of the fund will never be spent, so it will grow and grow and assure that TSG will never suffer from lack of resources.

Imagine the amount of work we have all put into TSG, all the people who came before us, the tens of thousands of hours Torkom spent in writing, lecturing, counseling, recording music, and praying and expanding the understanding of the Teaching of Great Ones. We honor this huge dedication through our long-term planning.

Ways to Give to the TSG Endowment Fund

• Make a one-time or annual direct donation to the TSG Endowment Fund.
• Donate stocks, securities, property.
• Make a bequest or gift through your estate by including a provision in your will or trust.
• Name TSG as a beneficiary of your IRA, retirement plan (under the Pension Protection Plan), or life insurance.

In whatever way you decide to support TSG, please do inform us of your intention. Please know that every contribution is held as a sacred trust for our work, a trust that you have in us and in the work Torkom and TSG have done and continue to do.

The world is ready for us. Having a beautiful, serene, meditative Center will attract people from around the world. Torkom’s Teachings are already finding responsive individuals globally. What he started in 1955 in Jordan and in the 1960s in the United States is still alive and well. We are continuing his work, and we have the faith that coming generations will continue this work.

May you be blessed abundantly. Thank you for your generosity and for the tremendous faith and support you have shown for TSG and for me personally. May the Holy Ones continue to watch over us and guide us.

With love and dedication,

Gita Saraydarian
Founder and President
November 1, 2020

“One of the signs of discipleship is that when the disciple receives anything from his Teacher or co-disciples, he takes care of it. For example, if the responsibilities for an Ashram or garden or trees are left to him, he repairs the Ashram, keeps it up-to-date, and never leaves it to decay, crumble, or lose its beauty, paint, plumbing, electricity, or anything that is part of the Ashram. He takes care of the garden and trees. When people visit the place they see great improvements and beauty. He not only takes care, but he also builds new facilities and plants new gardens and trees.

“Discipleship is action toward improvement. When one loses his spirituality, he becomes careless with what was left to him. Once I was in Asia in a monastery. Then years later I visited it again. The old leaders had passed away, and the new leaders were taking care of the monastery. I could not recognize the place — new buildings, new bathrooms, new swimming pools, wonderful gardens and pathways, a totally new kitchen. “What a beautiful job you have done here with this monastery,” I said to a leader. “It can’t be otherwise,” he said. “This is the way we express our gratitude to our Teachers and prove that their light is increasing within us.”

“Every spiritual center must bloom, increase its radiation and service, and not die with those who pass away. One of our Teachers once said, “What we gave to you, what we are going to leave to you, are seeds. We want to see them increase and turn into glorious buildings and achievements. Do not let the spirit die. You must stand on your feet and do greater things than we did.”

Excerpted from soon to be published World Discipleship by
Torkom Saraydarian, pp. 75-76.