Outreach Archive

Outreach has been TSG’s bimonthly (printed) newsletter published in the United States since 1998.
Though we have discontinued the bimonthly Outreach, we occasionally create and print an annual copy of Outreach.

During the last few years, we have been providing an annual End-of-Year Newsletter with news and updates.
We also offer TSG Monthly E-Bulletin, a monthly newsletter with current TSG news, updates, and special offers. To subscribe, click HERE

Outreach & End-of-Year Newsletters below are in PDF format.
Below are all the archived issues for free online.
Each issue has a thought-provoking article written by Gita Saraydarian or features a reprint from the published or unpublished writings of Torkom Saraydarian.
Issues feature news, events, as well as short articles submitted by students of the Teaching and guest contributors.

The list below indicates articles included by Gita Saraydarian (GS) or articles included by Torkom Saraydarian (TS).