Actualize Your Inner Potentials

“Through experience I found out that acts of daring and courage consume a great amount of blocked and accumulated energy within our aura, if they are carried out through creative imagination, visualization, and identification. Actually, when an inner urge to dare and to be courageous is blocked by circumstances, an inner tension builds up and becomes trapped in the aura. Trapped courage or daring turns into fear, into hatred, into isolation, or into violent action.”- Torkom Saraydarian, “Inner Potentials “, p.289

“When the great teachers of Ageless Wisdom give us visualizations, they are designed to unlock us, to release us.” Learn how to release blocked energies and unlock your full potential through creative imagination and meditation. Close your eyes, smile, and follow along as Gita helps you connect with the greater cosmic life.

This meditation series is based on the final chapter of “Inner Potentials” by Torkom Saraydarian, titled ‘How to Actualize Your Full Potential’. In each session Gita guides progressively guides the meditation, adding new steps with each iteration.

Listen to Meditation 1: Actualize Your Inner Potentials (1)

Listen to Meditation 2: Actualize Your Inner Potentials (2)


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