TSG’s Annual Conference

TSG’s Annual Conference & Wesak

Photo of the New TSG Center – Scottsdale Arizona (USA)

[Photo: rendering of the Center courtesy of: orcutt | winslow]

TSG’s Annual Conference & Wesak Celebration is open to all those who complete the *TSG Pre-Conference Preparation Program, which will begin November 1, 2022.
All those who participate in the Pre-Conference Preparation will be admitted into the online Ashram Group for discussion and preparation work. See *Requirements below.

•  TOPIC: The Way of the Soul: Interrelationship of Hierarchy and Humanity
•  DATES: May 7th-12th – 2023
•  PLACE: If attending in-person, lectures/events will be held at the New TSG Center (Arizona – USA)
   Accommodations: Spirit of the Desert, Carefree AZ (USA)
   For Virtual Participants: Reading documents via email, lectures-meditations downloadable via YouTube links, and any meetings will be scheduled via Zoom.

•  Conference COST for both In-Person & Virtual: To be announced in January 2023.

Pre-Conference Preparation begins November 1, 2022: Link
Basic Conference Schedule for May 2023: Link
*Mandatory Requirements:
In order to qualify for participating in the 2023 TSG Annual Conference & Celebration of Wesak, all attendees, both in person and virtual, are required to participate in TSG’s Pre-Conference Preparation. This is comprised of daily reading and study and meditation followed by monthly report summary.

Pre-Conference Preparation:

  • All attendees must begin Pre-Conference Preparation no later than November 1, 2022.
  • Complete at minimum 6 months of study and meditation.
  • Meditation practice of 2-3 times per week and build up to daily practice.
  • Prior to starting the preparation, meet with a mentor virtually or in person to review the process and requirements.

Pre-Conference Preparation is free of charge.

If you are interested in participating in the Annual Conference and Celebration of Wesak in May 2023 and wish to take part in the Pre-Conference Preparation, please contact us for more information and or to sign-up email us at: info@tsgfoundation.org

PHONE: 1-480-502-1909 | EMAIL: info@tsgfoundation.org

COVID Protocol (if necessary) will be observed.