Annual Conference – Wesak 2023

The Way of the Soul: Interrelationship of Hierarchy and Humanity

The New TSG Center – Scottsdale Arizona (USA)
[Photo: rendering of the Center courtesy of: orcutt | winslow]

TSG’s Annual Conference & Wesak Celebration is open to all those who complete the *TSG Pre-Conference Preparation Program, which began November 1, 2022.
All those who participate in the Pre-conference preparation will be admitted into the online Ashram Group for discussion and preparation work.
See *Requirements below.

  • CONFERANCE TOPIC: The Way of the Soul: Interrelationship of Hierarchy and Humanity
  • DATES: May 7th-12th – 2023
  • PLACE:
    For In-person Attendees:
     All lectures/events will be held at the New TSG Center: 8685 E. Stagecoach Pass Road, Scottsdale, AZ 85266 USA.

    • Accommodation: Recommended, the Spirit of the Desert, Carefree AZ (USA). Each attendee must make their own accommodation reservations. You can also research the area for a place of your choosing.

  Virtual Participants: includes digital reading material, lectures-meditations via YouTube links, and any meetings will be scheduled via Zoom.

  • Basic Conference Schedule for May 2023: Link

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*Participation Mandatory Requirement:
In order to qualify for participating in the 2023 TSG Annual Conference-Wesak, all attendees, both in person and virtual, are required to participate in TSG’s Pre-Conference Preparation. This is comprised of daily reading and study and meditation followed by a monthly report.

*Pre-conference preparation for anyone attending in-person or virtual began November 1, 2022: Link

*Pre-Conference Preparation: [Pre-conference preparation is free of charge]

  • All attendees must begin Pre-Conference Preparation no later than November 1, 2022.
  • Complete at minimum 6 months of study and meditation.
  • Meditation practice of 2-3 times per week and build up to daily practice.
  • Prior to starting the preparation, meet with a mentor virtually or in person to review the process and requirements.

If you wish to participate in the Annual Conference-Wesak in May 2023 and begin the Pre-Conference Preparation, please contact us for more information and or to sign-up:
Email us: or call us:

[COVID Protocol (if necessary) will be observed.]