Annual Conference

TSG’s Annual Conference & Celebration of Wesak

•  TOPIC: The Path of the Human Soul — World Discipleship
•  DATES: May 11th-16th – 2022
•  PLACE: New TSG Center & Spirit of the Desert (Arizona – USA)
•  COST: $450 per person for in person attendance* | $350 per person for virtual participants.
*This price is for the 6-day conference only and does NOT include travel, meals, or accommodation costs.
(See below link for accommodation information)
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The 2022 Annual Conference
program is open to all those who have completed the “TSG intensive pre-conference preparation program” that started in November 2021 and are now in the Ashram Group.

COVID Protocol: all attendees in person must be vaccinated, also bring a mask to have on hand.

Updated Information & Deadlines
•Current Wesak 2022 Updated_APRIL
•Conference Schedule & Participation
•Accommodation Information


1. Ashram Group: In Person Participants
   are those who will be in Arizona attending in person: REGISTRATION

2. Ashram Group: Virtual Participants
   are those who will NOT attend in person and participate virtually: REGISTER HERE

Questions? Call: 480-502-1909 | Email: