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The Flame of the Heart

“Heart is not an instrument. It is not a mechanism. It’s a piece of Being.” [...]

Teaching of Bhagavad Gita

“There are few books that directly speak to your Self. They do not go to [...]

Actualize Your Inner Potentials

“Through experience I found out that acts of daring and courage consume a great amount [...]

Dark Night of the Soul – The Path to Freedom

[Originally posted on Gita’s Blog on June 6, 2014] Print this article In spiritual traditions, [...]


“In remote antiquity, we are told that the queens and kings were blessed. They were [...]

Wisdom of The Zodiac – Full Moon Meditations with Gita

Cancer Full Moon Meditation: Guided meditation taken from The Wisdom of the Zodiac, Volume 2, [...]

Deeper Layers of Ego

“The soul’s years does not go with our years. Maybe you must incarnate seven times [...]

Father’s Day: Dharma of Fathers

“Everybody that comes to incarnation … makes a promise. A promise that is his duty [...]

Wisdom of the Zodiac – on ZOOM

The public is invited to participate each month for a group discussion, Q/A, and guided [...]

Basics of Meditation

“Meditation unlocks you, releases the potentials that are hidden within you….” Enjoy this excerpt from [...]