Biography of Gita Saraydarian

Gita SaraydarianGita Saraydarian is the daughter of Torkom Saraydarian and the Founder and President of TSG. She is also the Founder and principal teacher at the TSG University in Arizona

Gita’s educational background includes a Master of Arts degree in Law and Diplomacy; a Master of Arts degree in History; and a Bachelor of Arts degree in Cultural Anthropology and Linguistics. She also taught and studied in Taiwan.

Gita has been imbued with the principles of the Ageless Wisdom since birth. Her parents were students of the Esoteric Teachings from young ages. Her father, Torkom Saraydarian, was a renowned scholar and teacher of comparative religions and philosophy. Her multi-disciplinary academic training, travels and studies abroad, and her family background give a cross-cultural quality to her entire philosophy, approach to life and the Spiritual Teaching.

“The Ageless Wisdom provides the philosophical foundation upon which true living is based. It is not separate from daily life but an integral part of it. My philosophy is that each of us has a tremendous capacity for greatness, yet we chain ourselves to a mediocre existence through frozen ethnic, national, social, family, and personal mindsets. We can use all that we are and all the potentials hidden in us to be great human beings with unlimited creative expression. Using the guidelines of the Ageless Wisdom, we can truly fulfill our destiny to become souls and be instruments of Divine Love.”

Gita Saraydarian was appointed by Torkom Saraydarian as the Trustee of the Creative Trust, which holds all of his creative works. She is involved in the publishing of the remaining manuscripts; giving seminars, classes, and meditations courses; and archiving the Creative Trust Library.

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