Change Your Life with Joy & Healing


TSG Group Study

In Joy, we overcome fear. In Joy, we heal, and we gain power.

You are never too old, too sophisticated, too esoterically advanced, or too smart for Joy. Everyone needs joy and we need to make a lifelong commitment to learn it, teach it, and practice it until the end of our life.

I recommend the class “Change Your Life with Joy and Healing” group study to everyone who is seriously ready to make a change in their life and wants to heal the emotional body. Joy and Healing work over a sustained period of time is the premier way to heal yourself. Register here

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1. Release the joy locked up inside of you
2. Learn the art of persistence
3. Learn to observe the ordinary in life that is not so ordinary
4. Learn the need to let go, forgive, and be at peace
5. Develop healthy habits of thinking of the past, present and future
6. Release yourself into more abundant freedom


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1. You will need 15 minutes of dedicated time every day.
2. Read the assigned pages and do the exercises given for each lesson.
3. Report to the Forum once per month, or when each lesson has been completed.



If you are ready, go online to our website and register for the first six months of classes. We will charge you $15.00 per class, six months at a time. Order your Joy and Healing book, latest edition (red cover 2006 edition). Please do not use an earlier edition or the Kindle edition for the pages do not coincide with the latest version.

When the next registration is due, you will receive a subscription reminder to renew for the next six months.

When you register, you will receive a forum link. Go to the Forum and ask to be put on the forum. We will approve and you are ready to see the lessons and other information you will need. You will see the instructions posted online. Be sure to register and order the needed materials in plenty of time.

Sign up today — dare to change your life and bring the happiness and joy into your life that you need and deserve.

Experiences from Joy & Healing students: 

“Gita, you are an inspiration. You have touched my soul very deeply and how wonderful to know you will always be with me… whatever form my soul takes. You are truly an example of your father’s teachings. How fortunate I (we) are to have you as a mentor.” — S.G.

“We all initiated this journey and each of us was given an opportunity to grow more in the Love and Joy we already were giving out. If we compare ourselves with ourselves 18 months ago, we can all say that transformation and healing happened for each of us on different levels.” — M.V.

“I still feel like I only scratched the surface. I know this is a lifelong journey, and beyond… The other part I want to share is the relationship developed with the Solar Angel through this last 2 months working on month 18. I have received such insight, validation, support, guidance in ways that I so needed on that level.” — M.M.