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[Originally posted on Gita’s Blog on August 16, 2013]

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What would our communications be like if we took the time to discover the truth inside of us; to think deeply and ponder, and then find good listeners to share our insights with? How would our communications improve if we developed good listening skills, tuning in with the rhythm of the speaker and then responding appropriately and with co-measurement?

I find that some of the most fulfilling times of my life have been when I spent a few hours with one person who listens to what I have to say and to whom I listen attentively. Whenever I spend any time with such a friend, I find neither one of us has dominated the conversation; it has been a unified rhythm. I walk away feeling nourished and filled; not emptied and drained. It is the deep and insightful conversation, as well as the listening and the appropriate responding, that is uplifting. I find that during those times, a poised and expanded consciousness holds the key to a mutually satisfying conversation.

Our conversations build or destroy life around us. A meaningful conversation resembles a soft, steady rain. It is non-intrusive, yet nourishes all that it touches, one little drop at a time. The earth has the time to absorb; the trees have the time to unfold; the birds have the time to come out and explore; the flowers open one petal at a time and unfold outward toward the life energy.

The beauty of the meaningful conversations is not simply to talk about the technicalities of the Teaching; it is about inner thoughts and feelings, the workings of the mysteries inside of us. It is not intellectual, but heart-sharing. It is not about complaining about the mishaps of life; it is the expansion of our inner understanding about life. Complaining, one directional conversation collapses the space inside of us. Give and take, listening and speaking, going beyond our commonly held views expands our space. Space expands with truthfulness and open-ended insights. With the right kind of communication and conversation, we feel energized and expanded because we have increased our inner space.

I have realized a lot about good communication as a result of my work on the Consciousness books. I don’t think a series of books exists with this kind of depth and breadth and clarity of what is consciousness.

As I read page after page, volume after volume, I would simply sit in stunned silence, and wonder: how did Torkom know these things? How deeply he was able to penetrate into the Wisdom of the Great Ones and explain these insights in clear and lucid ways! We need clear and insightful explanations about what is consciousness, how we achieve an expanded consciousness, what is a decaying consciousness, what is sanity and so on.

Clear and expanding communication is an integral part of an expanded consciousness. We cannot communicate in meaningful ways unless we have a broad view of life and an exquisite sensitivity about life around us. We need to consider: What part of us is speaking when we speak? What are we really saying to ourselves and to others when we speak, when we wait, when we listen, when we respond, when we pause…?

The cornerstone of a nurturing conversation is an expanded consciousness. As we expand our consciousness, the space inside of us is expanded and becomes multi- layered. We are no longer obsessed with a personal agenda. We are moving from truth to truth, from glory to glory. As we, one by one, expand our points of view and expand our consciousness, we each can be a constructive agent of change in the world by the very conversations that we have.

In my quiet corner of the world, I do not have to feel helpless. Every day, I read one or two pages from Consciousness, slowly and with deliberation, starting from the beginning and unfolding slowly through the author’s process. I discover something beautiful and worthy of deeper meditation. I read and think and broadcast what I learned in my thoughts and conversations.

“The thing we most want to hide from is the truth. We do not hide from anything else but the truth…Think about it. If somebody speaks the truth about you, you hide, you cover yourself, and you change your color and position so that you are not observed….Search for the truth and the truth will make you free.” (Consciousness Volume 1, p. 198.)

The conversations that you have with yourself are the most revealing and the most pregnant with insights. These are the beginnings of meaningful speech. It is with this inner truth that you speak with others and listen to others. When your conversations with yourself are based on truth, you will listen and speak with the heart of truth.

Expand your consciousness with truth. Speak and communicate with truth. Be the beauty that you want the world to be.

Gita Saraydarian

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