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Thanks to its visual format, Instagram is ideal for showcasing products, and the built-in search and discovery features make it easy for potential customers to find your brand. In addition, Instagram offers a variety of paid advertising options that allow you to reach a wider audience. When used effectively, Instagram can be an extremely powerful marketing tool. Social networking websites are based on building virtual communities that allow consumers to express their needs, wants and values, online. Social media marketing then connects these consumers and audiences to businesses that share the same needs, wants, and values. Read more about here. Through social networking sites, companies can keep in touch with individual followers.



And if you want to save time on managing your Instagram accounts, check out our guide to the best Instagram marketing tools. Although the newsfeed is still where most of the United States marketers’ ad budget goes each year, it’s worth noting that a significant amount is allocated to Stories. With Instagram, the average post will cost you between $100-$2,085. Of course, it all depends on who you hire, but advertising comes in many forms and sometimes using an influencer is the best route. Instagram claims that nearly 850 million people can be reached with ads. Not to mention, 14% of people aged 13 and above can be reached and advertising reach is expected to increase 5.9% this year.



Look over the account promoting the giveaway carefully — does it have a large number of authentic-looking followers? Always check for legitimate terms and conditions for the giveaway and never pay to claim a prize or for shipping. Do a simple Google search for the company that contacted you. Even if the profile has disappeared, prior victims may have posted about the scam on other channels. Someone direct messages you, promising a big payout with minimal investment, maybe using buzzwords like bitcoin or cryptocurrency.



He enjoys good food and feels slightly awkward talking about himself in third person. Of course there’s plenty more ways to run successful campaigns. I’ve actually just recently launched a brand new Complete Instagram Ads Training if you’d like to know more about running ads. You want to put your energy in pleasing the few super engaged fans (even if there’s less than 100 of them). To be honest, I’ve bought followers myself and I do not regret that, it was an experiment to see how it impacts the account’s growth.



Next, tap the "+" icon to the right of your screen to add a new video to IGTV. Once your channel is live, you can upload your first video to IGTV. Start by opening your channel by clicking on your avatar from the main page. An easy way to switch it up on your Instagram Stories is to do an Instagram Stories takeover or invite someone to guest host your story.



These posts can be feed-only, stories-only, Live or a combo of all of the posting features that Instagram offers. When hosting a takeover, think of it like structuring a story. You need to introduce the person, talk about what they’ll be covering, post the takeover contents and then end with a conclusive goodbye.



The best thing you can do to get inspiration for Reels is to head over to the platform and watch what’s trending now. And if you have older students, they will surely be on top of what trends you can capitalize on! Reels will surely evolve as its usage increases, so experimenting now can help your school or district get comfortable with this engagement powerhouse. While Instagram Stories are primarily posted through a mobile device, you can save a lot of energy by creating your graphics ahead of time on a desktop. Consider heading over to a free resource like Canva, which offers hundreds of pre-designed Instagram Story templates to choose from. With the growing popularity of Stories and the recent boom of Reels, posting on your "normal" grid is becoming less important for your daily content.



Run a promotion asking your fans and followers to submit photos of themselves using your products. These five social media promotions have proven successful for small eCommerce shops and major brands. They run the gamut from the simple and easy to execute to more complex promotions that require a bit more planning and management . One trick that influencers use to drive up the engagement on their accounts is to ask their followers to "DM me for a direct link to this product! " It’s a great way to drive people to your inbox, build relationships with your followers, and ultimately increase the chance of your posts showing up in their feed. In 2016, Instagram launched a new option - converting your instagram into a business account.



Your Facebook should also be easier to run, as you don’t necessarily need to post too often and don’t need to be an aesthetic guru. Similar to Instagram, it’s essential to make sure you set up the account as a"Local Business or Place" and not as a personal account. Add your location, contact information, and website link to your Facebook, as most users will be going to your page for information, not pretty pictures.



You may want to edit the image you use to announce the contest so that it highlights the fact that you’re in need of a caption. A caption contest is a contest in which you ask people to caption a photo that you’ve uploaded. Then you can count the likes that people have gathered on that platform and combine them with what they’ve achieved on Instagram. Here’s an example of how someone might post their own content in the hopes of obtaining a vote. However, you could argue that such a format is potentially asking too much from people. It may be that you have a product or niche that is perfectly suited to photo contests.



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