Five Year Course

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1. One of a kind course curriculum

TSG University has created a unique course curriculum for the experienced meditator and practitioner of the Ageless Wisdom. This track is great for those who wish to mentor others and/or teach classes in esoteric wisdom. This five year course starts with the foundational material necessary to understanding the constitution of man, and continues building on this foundation to include greater cosmic understanding. The dual track of theory and practice offer a balanced and practical approach to spiritual study. 

2. What you can achieve

Upon completion of this course, you will have a secure and solid foundation of knowledge and practice which will allow you to transform your life, become your most authentic self, and share your understanding of esoteric wisdom with confidence and right measure with others. Read more on training objectives in our University Catalog.

3. Study Program Courses

Year 1 – 100 Series: The Constitution of Man
Year 2 – 200 Series: Planes of Existence and Higher Worlds
Year 3 – 300 Series: The Esoteric Philosophy of Heath and Illness
Year 4 – 400 Series: Higher and Lower Pscyhism and Rules for Discipleship
Year 5 – 500 Series: Cosmogenesis – The Relationship of Man and Cosmos

4. Spiritual Counseling and Mentors

We offer an experienced team of spiritual mentors to help you achieve your goals. When you register for this study program, you will be assigned a mentor who will oversee your progress and be able to read and evaluate your monthly reports.

5. Connect with a Community

Share and connect with other like minded individuals on the same journey. Develop deeper connections to the material through a safe, supportive environment. New group forums are created as the need arises. Please contact us about group study.