Outreach is our bimonthly newsletter available online and may also be printed and mailed directly to you. If you wish to be added to our mailing list to receive an email notice of each issue, send us an email request and we will add your email address. Every two months, you will be notified when the new issue is available online. The back issues starting from 1998 are archived online. Follow the above link for a list of previous issues and contents.

For printed copies of Outreach, we request an annual donation to cover our printing and mailing expenses. There are 6 annual issues and we will be happy to print your copy and mail it to you via first class mail, anywhere in the world. A minimum annual donation of $20.00 will cover our expenses. You may donate online through PayPal here

Be assured that we will use your email responsibly and will not share it with another party.

Free Wisdom has been a monthly special notice issue available online. We are discontinuing this service and will be changing the format to bring you special bulletins of events, programs, products, as well as free materials. To see archived issues of Free Wisdom, containing much useful and wonderful information, follow the above link.

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