Karma and Reincarnation

Karma and Reincarnation

By Torkom Saraydarian
Reviewed by Robert Constas

Among the one hundred or so books by this author, this is one of my favorites. He draws together the works of Alice Bailey/The Tibetan Master D.K. and the works of the Sage of Agni Yoga and adds the results of his own experiences and research into the Higher Worlds. A good companion book of the author’s is titled “Other Worlds.”

He states that karma is educational, freeing us from the bondage of cyclic living in physical reincarnations so that we may proceed on the path that leads to our spiritual destiny, much as a seed unfolds its essence and is led to its ultimate purpose of unfoldment.

Karma is friendly because it prevents us from annihilation, from being thrown into a cosmic chaos because of failing to grow and unfold. It is karma that pushes us upward in response to the magnet of the Cosmic Heart that pulls us upward to greater Beauty, Goodness, Righteousness, Joy, Freedom, Striving and Service.

Karma is the Law of Cause and Effect and is found in all religions. As we sow, so shall we reap. We reap the harvest of the seeds that we sow. Karma can be overcome by repentance and striving toward a higher life. Karma is not blind retribution imposed on us mechanically. Karma is not based on justice, but rather on the principle of righteousness. Karma compensates all those who were engaged in actions not really within their own free will. There are great Beings in the solar system who are called the Lords of Karma who control the cosmic computers that record all causes and effects. These Lords make adjustments according to the principle of righteousness. Negative karma can be overcome through service and labor for the common good. Such service is like riding in a fast automobile that outruns a pack of wild dogs.

Forgiveness builds a shield around us that protects us from the negative effects of those who are creating bad karma. Forgiveness builds savings in our bank that we can draw upon when we need it. “It is very wise to hand the problem over to the Karmic Lords, and know that They will handle the situation better than you.”

One of the most interesting chapters is “The Other Worlds and Karma.” Our planet is a very big school that includes classrooms on the physical, etheric, astral and mental planes. The author describes the people living on the various levels and how they respond to the various planes, from sleeping through them to full alertness and expansion of talents they cultivated while living on the physical level.

Karma is not just individual, but also family, group, national and planetary.

Reincarnation is the process through which the principle of righteousness works itself out. There is no escape; there is no hiding place. Whatever we do to pollute our planet, we will need to clean up the mess ourselves. We may think we can leave it to others in the future to do the cleaning. We will reincarnate and live in the mess that we created. We may be our own grandchildren or great-grandchildren who will suffer the effects of our carelessness.

It is reincarnation that enables us to follow the mandate of Christ who said to become perfect, as the Father in heaven is perfect. How can such a thing be accomplished in just one lifetime? It needs hundreds of lifetimes of opening to the divine process working in us to resurrect the seed of glory that is planted in us.

The chapter on “Resurrection” contains a simple, yet powerful meditation/visualization to expand one’s consciousness. The work of the Spirit of Resurrection on this planet is briefly described: to resurrect us from materialism and selfishness.

The following chapter on “Healing Through Approach” has a wonderful meditation involving repentance and blessing. Even if some of us find some of the concepts in this book to be unfamiliar, even strange, we can benefit greatly from the meditations in the last two chapters.

This book does not contain anecdotal accounts of alleged memories of previous lifetimes. There is no academic discussion of the theory of reincarnation and possible alternative explanations for memories of past lifetimes. The author’s approach is to state that karma and reincarnation exist, and this is how it is. The skeptic will not be convinced. The author writes for those who have had a touch of the Other Worlds and want to learn how to most efficiently and beautifully to reach them and become greater co-workers of the Divine Plan and Spiritual Hierarchy. The Spiritual Hierarchy is sometimes called the Church Invisible, also the Community of the Lords of Wisdom and Compassion.

Robert Constas, M.D. is a board certified child and adolescent psychiatrist with the Phoenix Indian Medical Center in Arizona, USA. He has extensive experience with parapsychological phenomena, and the application of the Ageless Wisdom in the field of child and adolescent treatment and child rearing. He was raised in the Ageless Wisdom tradition and worked with Torkom Saraydarian beginning in the 1960’s.