Legacy for the Future


Here is one way to ensure that TSG is able to receive your financial support. A friend of TSG writes to us the following to share with our supporters:

"The Teaching is very precious. It is the source of great inspiration and meaning in life. There is a simple way to help insure that the work of the TSG Foundation continues without the expense of making or changing a will. That is to contact your bank and complete a simple form that designates those who will receive the money in your checking and savings accounts after your death. This is also true for financial institutions servicing your IRA account (Individual Retirement Accounts). This form is a Pay On Death (POD) form. American banks usually limit the POD to four names and do not provide for different percentages for distribution. IRAs have provision for more beneficiaries and allow for different percentages for distribution.

TSG offers donors many options as to how they may wish to allocate their funds to the various aspects of the work.

If you are interested in making an after death donation, please contact us for the TSG tax identification number. Banks also want to have the TSG address and telephone number. We can provide any information that you wish.

Please also consider including the work of TSG in your wills.

Your contributions will add your life energy to the expansion of the Teaching."

Scottsdale, AZ

TSG Foundation is a non-profit, tax-exempt education and religious 501 c-3 organization.

TS Legacy Programs: 

1. Torkom Saraydarian Legacy Book Publishing: This is a fund established for the purpose of publishing Torkom's books.

2. Torkom Saraydarian Archiving: Monies contributed to this fund help us continue the archiving process of his lectures (in all the formats originally recorded), music, original writings, letters,  manuscripts, and research library.

3. Endowment Fund: This fund is to guarantee that Torkom's work is safe and will continue to be published and released in perpetuity. Only the earned income will be used for TSG needs.

4. International Brotherhood Fund: Established by Gita for the purpose of sending books to prisoners, prison libraries, public libraries, and any other group library or publicly used library anywhere in the world.

5. Scholarship Fund: Originally established by Catriona Nason in memory of Maddie Cropper. This fund provides tuition to students for seminars, conferences, and courses taken at TSG University.

6. General Office and operations: This fund is used for any part of our operation and applied where and when needed.

We are happy to work with you and have you consult with our Chief Financial Officer for ways that you may contribute to TSG.

Thank you and may you be blessed with continuous prosperity and abundance.

Gita Saraydarian