Music of Torkom Saraydarian

Each musical piece is an exquisite creation that takes the listener to a higher level of integration. His music challenges the listener to think creatively with the help of its intricate melodies and rhythms that sharpen the mental senses. The following are quotes taken from The Creative Sound by Torkom Saraydarian:

Question: How would you explain the effect of music upon others?

Answer: “If the music is of a high quality, it affects people as a fragrance does. It also purifies the space and established harmony. it may also heal on all levels. I remember the words my Father once said to a group of musicians, “Good music heals all your ills and makes you able to discover treasures within yourself.”

Question: About the music you have composed, how should we utilize it?

Answer: “Without attachment I recommend that you listen to my music. It is the only sounds purposefully created to destroy your crystallizations. If you have any crystallization physically, emotionally, and mentally, listen to this music one hour daily, and one week later you will not have those crystallizations. This music might initially ‘bug’ you. Many people do not like it because their crystallizations fight against it. But give it one week and see what is happening to your consciousness. Sit quietly and listen to it. This way it penetrates into your aura, into your etheric, astral, and mental bodies. Do not listen to it while going to sleep. This would be hypnotic. Just read the commentaries on the songs. Then listen to the music. If you are sincerely listening, one week later you will want to listen to it more. This music will purify your whole system if you do hard labor to change yourself in the meantime.

“A university professor once wrote, ‘I heard your obnoxious music and put it away. But later when I was divorcing my wife, I was looking for some music and your tape popped out. I listened to it into the early morning hours, crying as I listened. When I was finished, my consciousness was very expanded and beautiful. I went directly to my wife and asked her to listen to this music with me. We are now back together.’ This music creates transformation.” (pp. 13-14.)

Torkom Saraydarian is a truly unique and amazing composer and performer.



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