My Books

by Torkom Saraydarian

My books
are not sheets of papers
with prints
and diagrams
and numbers.
My books are
energy waves,
They are visions
and roaring
and rivers and rapids.

My books are not written
on sheets of paper,
they are frequencies
in Space.
The forms of my books
may perish
but the Spirit
will live forever
traveling with spirals
of visions.
It is not the pages,
and words that
are important,
but the target,
the significance
they reveal
in the souls
of readers.
They carry you
from the unreal
to the real,
from your not-self
to your Self,
from your Self
to the All-Self.

Each book is a
stepping stone.
They do not move
under your feet
but they will help you
to move
toward the All-Self.
If you hate
or love the book,
you cannot move on.

My books are not intended
to make you
a learned person,
but intended
to make you
actualize the greatness
that is
within you.

On every page
of my books,
you will meet yourself
and demand that
transcend yourself.
by transcending yourself,
you will fulfill
the purpose
of your life.
My books
are whispers
from your soul
to your ears.