Symphony of the Zodiac - HC (damaged copy)

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The influence of the Zodiacal signs on human nature is truly great.

Regardless of your birth sign, you will be influenced each month in a way that is particular to that month's zodiacal configuration. You can deny the existence of influencing energies, you can react against them, or you can try to understand and respond to the energies.

Instead of fighting or denying the energies coming to you, you can learn to benefit from them by learning how to meditate and organize your life to take advantage of the energies of the time.

Each month, the Sun enters one of the twelve signs of the Zodiac. During each period, special energies are available which can be used to better yourself, accomplish tasks, and eliminate negative characteristics in your nature.

The author explains the signs of the Zodiac, discusses the characteristics and keynotes of each one, and offers specific meditations for each month.

This book is essential in understanding zodiacal influences and cyclic changes. It is an opportunity to understand human nature in a more complete way. By using the best characteristics available to you each month as well as the best available under your particular birth sign, you will be guided to enrich and improve your life.

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Pages: 375

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