Ageless Wisdom Intro Package

Ageless Wisdom Intro Package

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The Ageless Wisdom is a body of knowledge that has been given to humanity throughout time by Wise men and women. This Wisdom has been imparted through books, mystery schools, music and art, philosophy, religion, and various cultural expressions.

"If we distill all religious and spiritual disciplines into a set of common principles, we will find the following Seven Higher Principles operating, in one form or another, in all of them: Beauty, Goodness, Righteousness, Joy, Freedom, Sacrificial Service, & Striving Toward Perfection"       - Ageless Wisdom

This package is designed to introduce the spiritual seeker to the Ageless Wisdom, as presented in the books of Torkom Saraydarian. Each of the books below offers insight into the greater questions we seek to answer in life. Click any title in the list below for a detailed description of each book and then choose the four books you'd like to order.

The Ageless Wisdom

The Flame of Beauty, Culture, Love, Joy

The Flame of the Heart

The Hidden Glory of the Inner Man (Hardcover)

The Mysteries of Willpower

The Mystery of Self-Image

One Hundred Names of God

The Purpose of Life

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