Teaching the Ageless Wisdom - Letters to Lecturers

Teaching the Ageless Wisdom - Letters to Lecturers

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Contains letters to students who were assigned to teach and lecture on the Ageless Wisdom. Full of personal guidelines for successful communication of the highest principles of spirituality.

These letters are an invaluable guide to anyone wishing to teach the Teaching or to lecture on topics of the Teaching. They are especially valuable to teachers, group leaders, and lecturers. When you study these guidelines and follow them, your entire level of delivery and communication will increase to a much higher standard.

Letters include how to lecture, how to prepare, how to lead a group discussion, why to have a group discussion, how to discuss a book or a subject of the Teaching, and how to prepare yourself to be relevant and fit the needs of the audience.

Honest, forthright, noble in presentation and purpose.

Read these letters carefully if you want to know how Torkom felt about the Teaching, how he approached it from his depth, and how he taught it and explained it so as to communicate the essence of transformative principles. 

Did you ever wonder why great men and women of the Teaching are such dynamic and powerful speakers? Why they exude psychic energy? How do they know to be relevant and fit the needs of the audience? How are their lectures and presentations gifts of healing? How do they touch the hearts of their audience?

This book tells you how a dynamic teacher and lecturer is created. It teaches you how to teach the Teaching and not your own views. It helps you remove the ego, vanity, and glamors from your communications, be it in individual or group setting. 

This manual has two deep aspects: How to be a successful, soul based communicator, and how Torkom became the great communicator that he was; the rules and preparations, and the inner attitudes he held.

As you read these intimate letters to lecturers and teachers, you will be deeply touched by Torkom's  respectful approach to the Teaching and the responsibility that each of us has for proper communication of spiritual principles. 

The book reveals an intimate side of Torkom that one cannot see from other writings. They reveal his love of humanity, his love of the Great Teachers, his love and respect toward the Teaching.

"Every one of you, within your secret chamber of the soul, is the Word of God that God sent all over the Universe to spread His mysteries, His knowledge, His consciousness. That condensed wisdom, condensed science, condensed power is within you. It is you."

"When you are talking, you are releasing that radioactive atom that is within you and that is you. Talking is radiation. It is radiation of what? It is the radiation of God, radiation of your essence, radiation of the wholeness, the essential beingness that is within you. Whenever you express, manifest, release that Word within you that is your True Self, you have prosperity, enlightenment, enthusiasm, joy, freedom, and energy. Whenever that Word is blocked and expressed through layers of pollution, you are not able to manifest yourself, and you create pollution and destruction in the minds, in the emotions, and in the bodies of the people."

Study these letters deeply and carefully and you will change the way you speak about the Teaching and the way you approach your audience. Train yourself using these guidelines and you can increase the fiery potentials of your soul expression.

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Pages: 330.

Large format: 8 1/2" by 11" size and spiral bound for easy reference.

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