Understanding the Secret Doctrine

Understanding the Secret Doctrine

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Brief History of the original Secret Doctrine: The Secret Doctrine is a book written by Helena P. Blavatsky and first published in 1888. It is based on certain records kept in Hierarchical archives since Atlantean days. Just before Atlantis was going to submerge, Great Initiates took secret writings from the library of Atlantis and carried them to the Himalayas where they were put in safe keeping.

Torkom knew that The Secret Doctrine contained the heart and soul of the Ageless Wisdom Teaching. Understanding The Secret Doctrine by Torkom Saraydarian is the result of his studies since he was a young man. This book is a rare glimpse into esoteric wisdom that will open your mind to new understandings and a renewed appreciation for the Ageless Wisdom Teaching. Read and travel along as Torkom takes you step by step on a journey of discovery. You will not be the same once you have completed this book.

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Wednesday, 02 September 2020
I would love to buy this book but the post costs to the UK is horrendous! Can you make it available on Amazon UK please?
Noeline Hart