Virtues & Values, Vol. 1

Virtues & Values, Vol. 1

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"Adaptation" to "Goodwill"

Welcome to the first volume of this three volume settogether these three volumes contain a total of 164 chapters on virtues!

Torkom spoke and wrote about virtues and values in every lecture and writing he gave in his entire life of service. Virtues and values formed the foundation of his perspective on life. He linked virtues and values to our health and healing and expansion of consciousness.

In these volumes, Torkom explains how the practice of virtues connects to everything in our life. Our health, happiness, creativity, success and joy are all directly related to our knowledge and practice of virtues. Virtues open our hearts and link us to the Higher Worlds. With virtues, we become servers for the common good of all humanity. With virtues, the very chemistry of our subtle bodies changes and we bloom in ways we never thought possible...


  Listen to Gita Saraydarian explain how to meditate on a single virtue.

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  Read the introduction "What Are Virtues" by Torkom Saraydarian.

553 pages 


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