Angels and Devas - Compilation

Angels and Devas - Compilation

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Angels and Devas exist all around us. They help us, protect us, and provide spiritual energy and healing to us.

A compilation from Torkom's numerous writings on Angels and Devas. 

"Psychic energy is ... transmitted by angels. They are powerful transmitters or even sources of psychic energy. When a person is charged with psychic energy, he turns into a source of creative, healing and enlightening energy."

A beautiful and inspiring little booklet.

Highly recommended for gift giving; excellent introductory material on the Teaching.

Topics include:

  • What service do Angels do?
  • What can we do for Angels?
  • What do Angels hate?
  • Meditation and Angels
  • How to ask for help of Angels
  • How to invoke Angels

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Pages: 44

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