Art of Teaching: Training for Teachers of the Ageless Wisdom

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The Ageless Wisdom Teachings were the most precious Treasury, near and dear to Torkom's heart during his entire lifetime.

The core of this current book is based on a series of seminars and lectures Torkom gave specifically about training teachers. It also contains unpublished essays and briefs about critical issues in studying and presenting the Teaching. To complete the theme of the book, we added several chapters from the previously published materials, choosing specific content that complemented and completed the materials in this current book. 

When reading Torkom's materials on the Teaching and how to present the Teaching, one cannot help but admire, respect, and be in awe of the way he viewed the Teaching and its sacredness. He tried to instill this respect in all his students and future leaders and teachers. Ultimately, however, the most important way to spread the Teaching is to live the Teaching.

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Pages: 437

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