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What is an Ashram? How is it built? How is it contacted? What are the inner requirements?

A clear-headed Teaching on the topic of Hierarchical Ashrams and their function.

Easy to read and easy to understand, yet profoundly deep and moving. Sure to change the way you understand esoteric Teachings.

If you want to truly understand how an Ashram functions,  read this book one page at a time, three times per page on three successive days. Meditate on a special topic on each page each day. After you complete the book, you will notice how you have a deep, intuitive understanding of an Ashram as you never did before.

Understanding Ashrams is not simply an intellectual persuit; it is experiential.

"The esoteric interpretation defines "Ashram" as a sphere of consciousness or a field of consciousness. …An Ashram can be in many places at the same time, without being in any specific location, and it can be totally without inhabitants. It is a sphere of consciousness in which people are tuned with one another."

“Every leadership group and individual must know the science of participating with an Ashram, contributing to the Ashram, and receiving energy and enthusiasm from the Ashram so that eventually the Ashramic vision comes into reality….people in the world will eventually be wise enough to resign and renounce from their national, traditional, and religious attachments and characteristics and start thinking in terms of the Divine Plan and Divine Will.”

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