Aura, Shield of Protection and Glory

Aura, Shield of Protection and Glory

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Contains detailed information about the aura and its role as the protector and nourisher of the entire human body.

Describes what is the aura, what it looks like, what colors it has, how various zodiacal signs, colors, and sounds affect it, and how we can strengthen our aura so that it can protect and nourish us.

"The glorification of the aura begins with purification of the aura, in which the colors achieve their maximum translucency and stability. Then, the blue ring appears around the head, as depicted in ancient paintings. This ring expands and is filled with a pure orange color in the form of a disk which extends from the head to the lower back behind the spine. This is called 'the shield' in some esoteric literature. It protects the person from any kind of psychic attack. This shield looks like plumage with splendid colors. When it reaches its pure tonality, it releases the fires of the etheric, astral, and mental centers and the Chalice, which radiates as twelve ray colors from the heart, around the entire aura. This is what glory is."

Note:  Torkom mentions several pieces of music on page 65, which were released in their final form at a later date.  All of Torkom's music is designed to engage the higher mind, relax the body and uplift the listener, so any CD will be good, healing, and enjoyable.  The following CD song list is provided in reference to page 65:

Fire Blossom:  Melody of Dawn, Mystery of Sirius, Shooting Stars
Infinity:  Sedona, Spring of Colors, Message from Sirius
Sun Rhythms:  Far-Off Mountains
Spirit of My Heart:  Prayer to Shamballa

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