Avatars - Revelations of God

Avatars - Revelations of God

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Torkom Saraydarian lectured and wrote about the subject of Avatars from 1969 to 1996, a total of 27 years!

Avatars: Revelations of God is a collection of Torkom’s seminars, lectures, and written materials on the subject of Avatars. The Chapters are arranged in date order so that you can appreciate the unveiling of this mysterious topic.

The great mystery which we call God, or the One we do not know, expresses and unveils Himself age after age through great Revelations—and these Revelations are called Avatars.

An Avatar is an advanced spirit, an advanced soul who has one purpose: to serve humanity or to promote the Divine Plan and Purpose wherever the need arises…. An Avatar is a man, or great being, or great entity that comes from Higher Realms to bring light, love, and beauty to humanity.

We have many kinds of Avatars from Cosmic, Solar, and Planetary sources. We also have another Avatar that is you. You are divine, a Spark, coming from a Source that is Almighty Beauty, Light, Love, and Wisdom. You are a Spark coming from that Great Source….

We hope that the subject of Avatars inspires and charges you with the majesty and mystery of the Creator.

For more information about this topic, please see the publications by Torkom Saraydarian listed below:

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