Family Series Booklet 09 - Cooperation

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Highly recommended for gift giving; excellent introductory materials on family building according to the principles of the Teaching.

Cooperation within a family guarantees harmonious development of all the members. Instead of competition and aggressive behavior, family members learn the art of cooperating with each other. These skills are first learned in the family. Children learn these skills when playing with other children and by observing the parents. Cooperative skills are then easily transfered into the life outside of the family.

A person who knows how to work with others and knows how to cooperate is a more tolerant person. Such a person also learns better communication skills and develops a deeper sense of self-worth.

Included are the four steps of building cooperation, the 12 reasons why we need cooperation, a set of 11 principles that form the foundation of cooperation, and how cooperation insures success in all parts of our life.

Pages: 29

Excerpted from The Psychology of Cooperation and Group Consciousness.

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