Irritation, The Destructive Fire - On Sale

Irritation, The Destructive Fire - On Sale

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Highly recommended for gift giving; excellent introductory materials on the Teaching. 

Irritation is bad for your physical well being. Bud did you know that there is an even more sinister result of irritation on the subtle bodies? It causes "imperil" to accumulate and stick to the etheric nerve endings. This prevents the taking in of prana, or sun energy, and it prevents the distribution of energy out from your bodies. Imperil blocks the currents and causes nerve congestion. It is one of the greatest causes of disease that manifests on the physical level as high blood pressure, anxiety, lack of energy or depression.

Medical science is proving that irritation causes heart problems, increase in blood pressure, stress on our arteries. Irritation also blocks the proper functioning of our organs and especially our digestive process.

This booklet is easy to read and great introduction to the subtle anatomy of the human being.

This booklet is an excerpt from the book The Psyche and Psychism, Chapter 28. 

Pages: 64

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