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Highly recommended for gift giving; excellent introductory materials on the Teaching.

We also recommend this booklet for use when you are facing crises, grief, loss, or facing difficult decisions.

Inspired by a story in the Upanishads, this is a moving tale about a man who wanted to have conscious immortality and was willing to give up everything in order to attain it, even his only son, Nachiketas.

An instructional story about the process of renunciation and the levels of renunciation. Torkom writes with deep insight, and shows a profound understanding of the powerful factors that motivate our actions, especially in the spiritual realms. 

What motivates us to seek spiritual enlighenment? What are we willing to do to gain this level of consciousness? Are we honest about our striving or are we looking for a cheap and easy way out? Can we see how many things we "own" in the physical, emotional, and mental realms? All these and more are addressed in this very powerful booklet.

A small booklet with a powerful message on how to learn the art of detachment and renunciation.

Read this book around special days, such as birthdays and holidays. Especially useful to read this book when you are facing grief and loss. 

Pages: 80

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