Challenge for Discipleship - Hardcover

Challenge for Discipleship - Hardcover

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Incomparable in detail, breadth, and depth about the subject of spiritual discipleship. All the theories and teachings about being a disciple are taken and structured into a step-by-step workbook about how to achieve mastery and true discipleship. A deep and awesome book that has no equal in the spiritual literary world!


It is one of the highest form of spiritual scholarship ever seen!


Torkom would often comment on the fact that one could read this book for the rest of his or her life and see something deep each time a section is read anew. He often read this book and was continuously inspired by it.

"A disciple is able to think, to speak, and to act independently without serving the interests of separate parties. He is also able to keep silent, to renounce, and to disappear. He is often recognized by what he does not do and by what he does not say or even think. He is able not to follow associative suggestions and bribery; he keeps his mind clear." (p. ix)

"There are many definitions of what a disciple is, but the most appropriate definition is that a disciple is an efficient person. To be efficient means to have command of one's mechanism and of life in general, at an increasing pace. An efficient person can put causes into action and produce results. He acts as a spiritual dynamo and creates activities in far-off places. He is a charge of psychic energy; through his thoughts, words, actions and enthusiasm he makes machines and factories operate in many realms. He initiates causes that further the evolution of people." (p. ix)

This is a textbook on how to give birth to your soul, your treasury of wisdom and depth. 

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Pages: 532

Also available in softcover.

A complete meditation course is available based on this book. Other Meditation and Training Courses are available on Discipleship at TSG University Online.


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