Christ, The Avatar of Sacrificial Love - Softcover

Christ, The Avatar of Sacrificial Love - Softcover

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A beautifully written book on the deeper, esoteric meaning of the life and Teachings of Christ.

"Because of His human origin and because of His power of illumination and achievement, Christ became a bridge between the great Mystery and humanity and called Himself "the Truth, the Path, and the Life."

"...Christ worked so hard throughout the ages, sacrificed so much, and tried to live His life so close to the divine Plan for man that He became, in a sense, the embodiment or a progressively unfolding embodiment or symbol of the Plan."
(Torkom Saraydarian)

This book contains especially beautiful sections on Mother Mary, the Birth, Jesus and the Christ, and the way to Christ today.

Based on information from the Gnostic traditions of the Teachings of Christ and esoteric traditions and writings of early Church leaders.

For more writings by Torkom about the Christ and Hierarchy, please see the following:

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Pages: 302

Also available in hardcover.

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