Consciousness, 3 Volume Set

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Journey to the far reaches of the Universe with Torkom Saraydarian in this three volume collection on the meaning of consciousness.Torkom is an intense guide, relentlessly pushing and expanding our ability to perceive what it means to be a conscious human being.

Volume 1, Consciousness: Evolution of Consciousness discusses consciousness as the light of the human soul and then explains how to develop it, how it is expanded or contracted, how it evolves, how it is hindered, what is sanity and insanity, what are our duties and responsibilities, and more.

Volume 2, Consciousness: Adventures in Consciousness explains the process of expansion, communication, the role of thinking in consciousness, the negative and positive factors that come into play, how to deal with troubled states of consciousness, the chemistry of the bodies, and infinite levels of consciousness.

Volume 3, Consciousness: Group Consciousness & the Destiny of Humanity is the pivotal conclusion to the study of consciousness. As human beings expand their process ofthinking and understanding greater aspects of life and interrelationships with all life forms, a sense of responsibility and group consciousness begins to form.

Read more about each individual volume:

Consciousness, Volume 1: Evolution of Consciousness

Consciousness, Volume 2:Adventures in Consciousness

Consciousness, Volume 3:Group Consciousness & The Destiny of Humanity

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