Consciousness Vol. 1: Evolution of Consciousness - BACKORDER

Consciousness Vol. 1: Evolution of Consciousness - BACKORDER

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Journey to the far reaches of the Universe with Torkom Saraydarian in the first of a three volume collection on the meaning of consciousness. 

How to define what is un-definable? Torkom takes what seems vague and ephemeral, and he puts a clear stamp on it with the first few words he writes: “Conscious evolution is different from mechanical evolution...”  And suddenly you know exactly what he is saying. We are unconscious most of the time, yet we still evolve. How different will our life be then when we are able to evolve, make changes, grow, and expand taking conscious steps?

The Evolution of Consciousness, Volume 1 discusses consciousness as the light of the human soul and then explains how to develop it, how it is expanded or contracted, how it evolves, how it is hindered, what is sanity and insanity, what are our duties and responsibilities, and more. Torkom is an intense guide, relentlessly pushing and expanding our ability to perceive what it means to be a conscious human being.

"Conscious evolution is followed on a special path, for example:

1. You want to perfect yourself because you do not like what you are.
2. You find your right environment.
3. You discover your Teacher.
4. You put yourself under discipline.
5. You review your life and observe it every moment.
6. You strive toward the model put in front of you by your Teacher.
7. You render sacrificial service for humanity.

These are the steps leading you to conscious evolution. In conscious evolution you harmonize your motives, thoughts, emotions, words, and actions with the spiritual principles of the Teaching. You go under those disciplines that refine your thinking, your relationships, and your actions. You work upon yourself as a sculptor works on a piece of marble or rock, chiseling it and making it beautiful.

People want magical, psychic powers, but if conscious evolution does not sublimate your life, every kind of power leads you toward failure and frustration.

Conscious evolution leads you toward the mastery of your mind, emotions, and physical body."

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446 pages

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