Consciousness Vol. 2: Adventures in Consciousness - SALE

Consciousness Vol. 2: Adventures in Consciousness - SALE

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Journey to the far reaches of the Universe with Torkom Saraydarian in the second of a three volume collection on the meaning of consciousness. 

Adventures in Consciousness, Volume 2 of the 3 volume set: In this volume, Torkom states “Every human being has an innate drive to be conscious and then to be more conscious because he feels that it is through his increasing consciousness that he can enjoy life, be a benevolent force in Nature, and penetrate into greater treasuries of the Universe.”

The second volume explains the process of expansion, communication, the role of thinking in consciousness, the negative and positive factors that come into play, how to deal with troubled states of consciousness, the chemistry of the bodies, and infinite levels of consciousness.

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454 pages

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