Consciousness Vol. 3: Group Consciousness - SALE

Consciousness Vol. 3: Group Consciousness - SALE

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The Group Consciousness & The Destiny of Humanity, Volume 3 is the pivotal conclusion to the study of consciousness. As human beings expand their process of thinking and understanding greater aspects of life and interrelationships with all life forms, a sense of responsibility and group consciousness begins to form.

Torkom states, “The greatest demand and need for the coming hundred years are group consciousness, group work,and group cooperation. Those who cultivate group consciousness will survive and advance toward a glorious future. Those who try to base their life on the foundation of past interests, personal glory,and partisanship will slowly fade away.”

Group is defined as our family, community, nation, the international community of nations, and even the whole existence. Our interconnected existence demands from us that we think and live in a way that our human destiny is one of glorious expansion and expression. This volume covers topics such as the difference between democracy and totalitarian forms of groupings, the laws that govern natural life, how to be in a group, how to understand synthesis, the mysteries of cooperation and responsibility, the role played by the subtle forces of Nature in our life.

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