Cosmic Questions Vol. 2: Cosmic Magnet

Cosmic Questions Vol. 2: Cosmic Magnet

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In Volume 2, Torkom discusses the existence of the Cosmic Magnet, the Core of our Galaxy, which “permeates all creation through Its field of energy; through Its energy threads It leads each atom, form, planet, and galaxy toward the Purpose of Life.” The Cosmic Magnet pulls us toward our true essence, wholeness. In this volume, Torkom builds a basis for the deep sense of responsibility that we must cultivate for all of life. “If we can realize that what we do, what we speak and feel, what we think and plan are instantaneously released into space, and all people everywhere are affected by them and in their higher consciousness are aware of them, then we would be careful of our actions, feelings, and thoughts.” Torkom discusses the chemistry of space and the chemistry of creation. He maps and explains how the interrelationship of the parts to the whole create chemistry and cause change in life. He states: "The whole existence and its activities are the result of astrochemistry." What we do, feel, and think creates chemistry. All of space is acting, feeling, thinking and chemistry is created. Life moves and changes due to chemical elements that we and all of Nature produce.

Through these magnificent and challenging topics, Torkom takes us step by step into the realm of Cosmic questions and makes these immense subjects personally meaningful. He shows us a clear path that we will need to choose, as individuals and as humanity, if we want to live, thrive, grow, and understand national, international, and global conditions. He gives us warnings and instructions on how we can deal with these challenges and still maintain our joy, our health, our balance, and our human compassion.

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