Cosmic Shocks

Cosmic Shocks

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Cosmic Shocks shows how it is possible to deal with crises effectively and use them for growth and change. But, we need to understand the sources of crises and learn to respond to them in a totally new way.

Life brings us crises and challenges on a daily basis. Spiritual Teachings tell us we need to learn from these crises. How are we supposed to do that?

In Cosmic Shocks we learn that the causes of crises are complex and can stem from conditions within the Cosmos as well as within the individual. It is important to understand where your crises come from.

Detailed instructions are given to show how to identify the sources of crises, and then learn to resolve them through a creative response. Whether crises are due to karma, zodiacal configurations, human negligence, or are a part of growth and development, everyone, at one time or another, must confront them and learn to recognize where they come from and how to resolve them. Very effective information for conflict resolution.

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Pages: 182

Also available in Spanish, see Torkom's Translated Book.

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