Cosmos in Man (Hardcover only)

Cosmos in Man (Hardcover only)

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A very good introductory book on basic topics of the Ageless Wisdom Teachings, such as searching for wisdom, evolution, the aura, rounds and chains, the Seven Rays, meditation, the Plan, visualizing the Master, Wesak, karma, psychism, mediums, the wisdom of love, Om and AUM, and spiritual sources of energy. 

"In the grand design of the universe, human destiny is to manifest universal order and harmony." (Preface) The author writes: "Man is Infinity. When we know man we will know the Cosmos. Man is not only a replica of Cosmos, but a living mirror of all that transpires in Cosmos. In the future man will be able to use a living human form to forecast coming events on the planet and in Cosmos. Man is the most sensitive instrument ever created in the Universe..."

In this book, we see how man is a microcosm of the great Cosmic creation, how he fits into the universe, and how he can be aware of his own cosmic connection.

Instructions given on meditation, the Seven Rays, visualizing the Master, the sacred word, and more. See the Table of Contents for details.

Beautifully bound hardcover book; a classic in the Ageless Wisdom Teachings.

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Pages: 278

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Saturday, 10 November 2007
This book appeals to those who have an interest in esoteric or cosmic readings. I found that the author, in some ways, fills in the gaps, so to speak, of other writings of the same nature, specifically those of HP Blavatsky (to whom the book was dedicated.) I think students will find the chapters entitled 'The Process of Death and Life After' and 'Words of Caution' uniquely revealing - and fascinating!
Lou Schwartz