Creating a New Vision for Humanity

Creating a New Vision for Humanity

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Break Free. Embrace the Vision.

"Find your vision, seize it, and make the needed changes to actualize your vision." - "A Few Words" by Gita Saraydarian. 

Do you have a clear vision of your future? What about the future of your family or those around you? 

Throughout this book, Torkom clarifies and defines the many aspects, challenges, and requirements to actualize your vision. Vision is the intuitive or higher perception of the purpose, as it relates to the future. How do you actualize it?  That's on page 440. 

A vision is a gift given, not taken. It cannot be imposed. Through personal example and challenges, it will be given in the right dosage at the right time. The Vision of Humanity as a whole is connected to a vision created just for you. Create the space for a new vision, then it will be revealed to you. Let go of your old story to make room for a new one.

If we as students of the Ageless Wisdom read these pages, think about them, transmit them in our thoughts and actions, and manifest them in our lives, little by little, the energy currents running through us to all of humanity will increase in speed and expand its influence on life.

Life changes only when individuals make the effort to make the change. Read this book and open up to a new vision, a way of freedom to pursue your future. 

 Creating a Vision for Humanity Table of Contents 

Creating a Vision for Humanity "A Few Words from the Publisher"

Free Exercise: "Destroy the Walls Around You"

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