Creative Fire, The

Creative Fire, The

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"Creativity is the labor to manifest build wings for your freedom."

"Creativity is physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual action to change darkness into light..... As long as you try to bring light into dark places, into minds, into people's souls, into homes, into organizations, you are a creative person...."
(Torkom Saraydarian)

Creativity is the effort to change ugliness into beauty.

The purpose of creativity is to change transiency into Infinity; to transform the ego into the Divine Self; to bring harmony and cooperation from chaos, and unity out of cleavages. True creativity eliminates competition and establishes sharing.

You can create in the political, educational, and philosophic fields. You can create in the artistic, scientific, religious, and economic fields. It is this creativity that pulls humanity upward to new heights, to enlightenment, unity, joy, prosperity, and a greater contact with the Universe.

Through sublime creations, men, women, and children who are highly inspired bring the beauty and inspirations from the Higher Worlds. These are the creations that teach us, inspire us, and add to the richness of our cultural experiences. They transcend nationality and boundaries and show us the beauty of the human being when he or she contacts the inner essence.

An inspiring and beautiful book about the creative fire latent in every human soul.

You will learn:

  • What is true creativity
  • How to labor as an artist
  • Muses who inspire us
  • The Antahkarana
  • The Seven Rays and Creativity
  • Archetypes
  • Dangers faced by artists
  • And, much more


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Pages: 600

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