Creative Sound, Sacred Music, Dance, and Song

Creative Sound, Sacred Music, Dance, and Song

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Sacred music and Temple Dance help us develop intuitional awareness and integrate our physical, emotional, and mental bodies together and in a higher level of health.

Provides an excellent guide on how to sing, how to do sacred dance, and the reasons for these disciplines.

Torkom was a gifted musician and wrote hundreds of musical compositions. He also wrote sacred songs and recorded many of them. He knew the power of sound and how it can uplift and heal.  When we listen to sacred music or sing sacred songs, we are able to align our bodies and integrate them.

This book provides information about sacred sound, sacred dance, sacred songs and rituals.

A person who has reached perfection in three levels of life and is fused with his Soul is a unique manifestation of music. This is a factual statement and not a mystical dream. All the organs, glands, centers, and systems eventually develop their proper frequencies and integrate and align. They first produce various melodies. Then the symphony emerges. Thus a man becomes a living music in Nature.

If once our ear opens in higher states of consciousness, we will see that the whole Creation is music that is based on three concepts - harmony, unity, and synthesis...

Music is called the language of the gods. It is so beautiful to remember a statement made centuries ago - God sang, and as He was singing the Archetypes of all manifestation began to appear in space! What an image of the power of sacred sound.

Manifestation is densified music. Our whole life can be a harmonious rhythm in tune with the harmony of God's Creation. 

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