Flame of Beauty, Culture, Love, Joy

Flame of Beauty, Culture, Love, Joy

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The highest achievement of the human soul is the moment of identification with the principle of Beauty. The purpose of life, on any level, is the expression of beauty. We are created to manifest beauty. We can find true art by observing the effect it has on people. True beauty is not bound by any nation or historical time; it is timeless.

Culture is the translation and interpretation of beauty. The labor to share beauty is culture.

Love is not a sentiment. It is not an emotional attitude. It is the most powerful energy, the core of which is within the human being. If you release this energy, you are able to live a harmonious life.

Happiness is an effect of outer conditions. It changes when conditions change. But joy never changes; it increases with time. It grows despite conditions. It is not based on outer conditions but it has an inner fountain!

This book is an offering of truest art and beauty. It is destined to create striving toward improvement and perfection in every person who reads it and studies it.

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Pages: 210

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