I Was (The Journey of a Wise Woman)

I Was (The Journey of a Wise Woman)

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Beaten by life and by the wrong choices that many women make, this woman is driven to face herself and find the redeeming qualities of a life that she feels has passed her by.

Is there life after aging? Can a long-forgotten glamor queen regain her dignity? Can a man from the Middle East write about a woman and her deepest feelings? Surprising answers that you will discover in this intriguing little book.

Written in dramatic form, this is the story of an actress who suddenly discovers that her youthful appearance is fast fading, cannot be reclaimed, and she no longer has the past glories of her life to sustain her.

The story opens as she is looking at her wrinkled and old body and wonders, "What was life all about and what is in it that I can capture to help me move forward"?

What happens when we suddenly discover we are not the young romantic that we once were and as we observe our life and our bodies, we discover that the aging body is not the whole story? What then?

How do we, as women, move from objects of beauty into becoming the true beauty that is in our hearts and souls?  

Written in the form of a play, this book depicts the final diary of a film star about to undergo the most stunning realization of her life: What is my true value? What is my true artistic gift to others? What is my legacy?

Through this woman's eyes, we look at our own life -- its meaning and direction, what we have done in the past and what we are capable of doing in the present -- and find the courage to change the direction of our life.

Despite all the craziness that our society uses to keep women (and men!) enslaved in the body, the real and wise woman inside of us will forever fight to discover what she is all about, irrespective of what is expected from society.

A compelling and dramatic story.

Pages: 150

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