Dynamics of Success - Vision Series #5

Dynamics of Success - Vision Series #5

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There are consistent spiritual keys for true success in all parts of your life. We need to be physically successful and have such things as money, health, a home, clothing, and all that we need to be secure. But material wealth will work against our ultimate success if we do not have spiritual success.

Dynamic of Success presents an integrated approach to the true and complete meaning of success. The author reveals the three avenues of success: physical, material, and spiritual qualities that we need to cultivate, and the specific hindrances that must be eliminated before success and prosperity could be had and enjoyed.

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Pages: 136

This book is also a part of The Vision Series, which consists of 7 monographs designed for the beginner student and anyone who wishes to read one book on a specific topic. This series is also recommended as gift sets:

1: Breakthrough to Higher Psychism

2: The Year 2000 and After

3: The Purpose of Life

4: The Flame of the Heart

5: Dynamics of Success

6: The Mystery of Self Image

7: The Mysteries of Willpower

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Tuesday, 16 October 2007
Dynamics of Success is profoundly simple as it lays out rules for spiritual and material success...yet those formulas and rules, if we examine them closely, are most frequently ignored by our haste and so-called worldly sophistication. The book shows how to re-organize and re-vitalize our activities and approaches to our lives to propel success.
Lou Schwartz